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Wave Swimming Lessons

Want to find out more about our swimming lessons? Find out the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions here.

Wave Awards are intended for children who want to learn to swim from the age of five years* with the aim being:

  • To develop FUNdamental movement and aquatic skills
  • To introduce children to water safety concepts and to teach skills necessary to swim

In Wave sessions the child is in the water without the parent and they work through the waves as they progress.

*Under 4’s need to complete Splash 6 before they can start on Wave 1.


Wave 1

The main aims of Wave 1 are to:

  • Develop confidence in the water
  • Be safe while in the water and when getting in and out of the pool
  • Learn basic floating, sculling and breathing techniques
  • Start to learn front crawl, backstroke and either breaststroke or butterfly, with aids if needed
Wave 2

The main aims of Wave 2 are to:

  • Be able to jump into the pool
  • Improve sculling, floating and breathing techniques
  • Glide in the streamlined position
  • Swim short distance of front crawl, backstroke and either breaststroke or butterfly, with aids if needed
Wave 3

The main aims of Wave 3 are to:

  • Collect an object from the pool floor
  • Improve sculling and floating
  • Learn how to tread water
  • Learn the safe code
  • Swim short distances of all four strokes without aids
Wave 4

The main aims of Wave 4 are to:

  • Learn how to dolphin kicks under water
  • Learn the HELP position
  • Improve floating and treading water techniques
  • Improve the technique of all four strokes

At the LC we also offer adult water confidence sessions which offer a structured session for adults who are looking to improve their confidence in the water with guidance from an instructor. 

All courses can be booked by calling our Reception Team on 01792 466500.