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Swimming Lessons FAQ's

 How do i get in every week?

You will go through the gate to the your left of reception with your ticket. Please remember this every week, head straight for the Changing Village, following the green Tommy turtles on the floor!

 Where do I drop off and pick up my child?

Drop off and pick up will be at band control which is the desk located at the entrance to the water park. Your swimming instructor will meet you at band control for pick up and drop off.

 Naughty children in class?

On the rare occasion if a child misbehaves the instructor would always look to address this during the class, in extreme cases where behaviour has not improved some learners maybe asked to stand on poolside to think about their actions. We would always do our best to feedback to parents once the class has been completed.

 What if my child needs to go the toilet?

Always a good idea to use the facilities before the lessons starts to avoid this happening! But should it be urgent then we would need parents / guardians to be on hand to support their child as instructors are not going to be able to complete this task with others to watch in the lesson. Children aged 8+ may use the toilets unattnded.

 Where do I watch the lessons?

Lessons are to be watched from the viewing balcony above. Easiest way from the water park village is via the lift in the village. If unsure of how to gain access please ask a member of staff.

 How do i contact the Swimming Coordinator?

You can phone through to reception and ask for James Dyer. James is not always around so if urgent then please ask to speak to the Duty manager and they can assist you.  If you prefer to send us an e-mail we will get back to you within 24hrs on lcswansea.enquiries@freedom-leisure.co.uk

 What if my child is ill?

Please contact reception on 01792 466500 and let them know your child’s name, class time and level and the teachers name so that the teacher can be informed of sickness to note on registers.

 What if I am away on Holiday?

If holidays are planned over lesson times we do not refund or credit back lessons. It is advised to plan and consider this before booking.

How do I know how long the course is?

On your receipt print out will be a full list of each class ‘dates and times which you have purchased. As your course comes to an end we will sent you reminders to book the next session. We will hold your space for you on the next course until a certain date and then release it to others if we have not heard further from you. Group lessons run 50 weeks of the year and once booked in there is no need to rebook.

How much is each lesson?

Lessons are paid by direct debit to Harlands group at £21 a month. This included one 30 minuttes weekly lesson, a FREE swim cap for children (new colour everytime your child prgress up a Wave) and unlimited public FREE swim for your child. Pool Policy's apply.

We also offer private lessons as a 1:2:1 at £17 per 30 minute session and a 2:2:1 is £22, where two children are booking together (valued at 11 per child). The total length of a private lesson block is 10 weeks but could be less depending on the date in the year you book in.

Do you run intesnive sessions during the year?

Yes, during holiday periods we do run morning crash courses where a child can book for a one week daily intensive course. These are great at getting your child some extra help or confidence in the water before a summer holiday or they may allow them to progress a lot quicker if you felt this was needed. Available as a private or group lesson. Please feel free to talk to our reception team for details on 01792466500 or contact lcswansea.enquiries@freedom-leisure.co.uk

Your instructor?

Our aim is to provide the same instructor week in week out to  ensure your child and you get the same face each week and an opportunity to build rapport and see progress. From time to time we do have the need to provide alternative instructors but rest assured they are all well trained competent individuals who will pick up the learning priorities left from the previous week.

How do I know when it is time for my child to move on to the next class?

Your instructor will try and feedback to you after the class or course has completed. They will let you know when the time is right for your child to move up to the next session as all the learners progress at different paces. We will then suggest a day and time for the next course and direct you to our reception area to book and confirm these arrangements. The teacher will provide you with a congrates slip to take to reception so you may purchase a badge and certificate for £4.

 What equipment is used / can I bring in arm bands and toys?

We use an array of toy, buoyancy aids and sinkables during lessons so no need to bring your own unless swimming after/before the lesson. The teacher will select the suitable aids for children based on their progression within a level. Don’t forget their goggles!


Can I sit on the side of the pool and watch?

We do encourage parents and guardians to view from the balcony as only those swimming are meant to be on poolside and this does allow the instructors to get the fully attention from their learners.

 Can my child switch days?

This is very difficult to achieve due to registers and learning outcomes can get very confused. We understand the school week is often very busy and organising everyone to be in the right place at the right time is often a challenge! As a one off we will happyly move you to an available slot if required.

 When the course finishes what happens?

Before your course is complete we will send you a priority booking message via e-mail / text reminding you of a date to book your next course of lessons. This gives existing learners a priority period to book and not lose their space. Be careful not to miss this date as once it is passed we will release your space for other to book if you have not.

 What award scheme would my child be following?

The LC follows the Swim Wales Aqua Passport Scheme, detail can be found here  

 Does my child get the chance to gain badges and certificates?

Yes, your instructor would advise you at the right point in your swimming journey with us on when your child has achieved the various stages in badge development. You then have the option to buy a badge and get a certificate at reception for £4.00.

 Can I swim in the Waterpark when lessons are on?

Yes, just purchase your entry tickets at reception before your swimming lesson starts

Don’t forget our main Waterpark is open while lessons are on and so bring along the whole family!