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9 August 2012 

LC Summer Sports School - Athletics Course

Picture1The first week of The LC’s Summer Sports School kicked off with Athletics and was a fantastic week for all involved!

Tom Hazelden, LC Athletics Coach said:

"Over the five days all of the children developed their skills in line with Swansea Harrier’s ‘Run, Jump and Throw’ athletics scheme. It was great to see the children’s confidence and skills improve in events such as sprints, hurdles, long jump, javelin and discus in such a short space of time. The week finished with an Olympic themed competition where the children were able to demonstrate their new skills and talents. Well done to all the children who took part, we hope you had as much fun as we did, and we hope to see you all as soon at the LC Swansea Harriers club which take place every Wednesday at 5pm!"

18 May 2012 

Going for Gold

(l-r) Andrew jenkins, Welsh Athletics & Swansea Harriers; Naomi Jones, 7; Charlie Thomas, 7; Sally Hopkins, 9; Rhys Williams, LC Peak Team Leader (3)

Peak Team Leader and Harriers Coach, Rhys Williams tells us about the LC Harriers Athletics Club

"Swansea harriers have partnered up with the LC to set up a satellite club targeting 7-10 Year olds, the satellite club is an amazing opportunity for youngsters to come and have fun while developing new skills and meeting new people. With the Olympics in London this year there is a big focus on the athletics with Dai Green flying the flag for wales and Swansea harriers, the satellite club can help young athletes develop there hidden talents but it also gives them the opportunity to experience different events. I think it is important that we try to push a sport which sometimes gets overlooked by rugby and football and even schools put athletics in the background. Athletics is and individual sport which shows true talent. Since we have started the satellite club hear at the LC we have had great support and a lot of young athletes showing good potential for the future, the sessions are every Wednesday between 5-6.15pm. We focus on basic but essential technique to help young athletes progress, but we also allow them to have fun at the same time playing games for warm up and cool down and also have small competitions putting them in a competitive environment. During the summer holidays we will not be stopping the sessions, I think with Olympic fever it is important to carry that on through the grass roots. So come along and try out new skills and most important come and have fun."

5 March 2012 


branding-logoAfter having such a great time at last year’s LC’s birthday event, Bobadeg are thrilled to be coming back to celebrate another birthday for the LC.

At this year’s event, Bobadeg's fun-packed, personalised books and learning activities will be brought to life again through lots of fun interactive activities.

Our giant ‘fuzzy felt’ scene, that was such a great hit with the children last year, will be back again. The felt characters were cuddled, thrown and turned upside down to create some funny, fabulous and fuddled scenes. We know that the children will have even more fun with them this year.

Our colouring in and picture-making zone will be there again. We are sure that the children’s concentration and creative flair will easily be matched this year. We are looking forward to handing out lots of stickers for the fabulous artwork that will be created and adding photos of these creations to our website gallery.

As well as repeating these very popular activities from last years event we will also be carrying out a couple of new activities – these remain top secret but we know that the children will love them!

For those of you who are feeling lucky we will be running a prize draw again to win a Bobadeg personalised book, which will feature your child’s photo and name throughout the story. Last year’s winner, Mrs R. Bond from Cwmdu was thrilled to have won, commenting "thank you so much, Nessa loved playing and colouring with you and was so excited to see her picture!'

We are really looking forward to seeing you at the LC on Saturday the 10th of March and hope the children are feeling very creative, full of energ

y and fun. In the meantime you can go and check out the colourful characters from our Bobadeg children’s personalised books or the children’s artwork from last year's LC birthday event.

8 February 2012 

Babbling Bugs, Baby Love and Chatterbugs

Photo0113Mondays and Tuesdays at the LC are an absolute treat for babies, toddlers, preschoolers and their parents! These are the days we run our ever popular sensory sign classes; babylove, babbling bugs and chatterbugs. So popular are these classes that many Mums have arranged their working week around them! Each class is age appropriate and absolutely bursting with specially planned activities that enthral, motivate and educate. All classes include infant sign language, multi-sensory play such as parachutes, bubbles, light up balls, musical instruments, singing, puppets, props, dancing, (our big dance is legendary as is Barney the demonstration doll!) For tiny babies who attend babylove we also include an introduction to baby massage and mummy meditation time. For toddlers attending chatterbugs we often get to play on thesensory-sign-logo competed climbing equipment too. If your little one is still happy to lay in a mat then babylove would be the perfect class, once they are sitting with support and reaching for toys babbling bugs would be better, and once they are raring to go and wobbling and toddling bring them along to chatterbugs. Every half term we have a new adventure such as exploring the jungle or going to the beach. Each class runs for 45 minutes and includes time in the soft play area, all for only £4! But most families make it a real day out at the LC, often arriving for a class, having a cuppa and catch up with friends, enjoying classes, then having a play in soft play and maybe even another cuppa or lunch! Lots of families also say that it is great to attend such a fantastic class in a clean location that is breastfeeding friendly and has proper baby changing areas. Classes run term times and book up quick!!!!

10 January 2012 

What Makes You Move?

However we try to look at it January is a time for new beginnings and fresh starts. Whether it is going the whole way and committing to get fit, eating healthier and drinking more water or just trying to improve on the little things like washing up straight after dinner, putting the BALANCE_O_04_logoclothes away or simply having a more positive outlook on life.

This time of year newspapers, magazines and TV shows are littered with articles offering the top ten ways to become a new person- but is there any point to spending January committing to severe regimes and strict behaviour only to be driven crazy by then end of the month because of all the denial?

Believe it or not there is a way to make these commitments more than just goals. This year instead of poweringFUN into those New Year’s resolution that will be a distant memory by February why not take some time out to think about what you really want to achieve this New Year. It may be that you can show yourself off or to feel less stressed, maybe you need a challenge. For others it will be to have more energy and to be happy, or it may simply be to give yourself a great boost of self confidence. These things are more than goals, they are aspirations and they are unique and personal to you.

MOVE_O_03_logoAt this point I’m sure many of you are thinking that you want a bit of all those things, but everyone’s motivations contain different mixtures of these things and these individual aspirations can really affect what gets you moving and actually sticking to those resolutions. Once you’ve worked out what your long term aspirations are it is far easier to find ways of fulfilling them and setting goals that have far more of a point to them.

If you are curious to find out what makes you move give the The LC Gym Swansea’s Aspiration Finder a go.POWER_O_04_logo It’s a simple online questionnaire that will take you just three minutes. You will receive your own Aspiration Map showing what makes you move. Once you have completed it our gym team will be notified of your results so that when you book in for your induction or review we can ensure that we create SHAPE_O_05_logoa programme for you that really will help to fulfil your aspirations. Our expert team will guide you through your new programme and they will be able to explain to you exactly how the equipment you use and the exercises you undertake match your aspirations and motivate you to keep moving.

The Aspiration Finder is free for anyone to have a go with whether you’re an LC member of not, so go on, challenge yourself to think more about your fresh start and find out what makes you move and find your own way to wellness.

17 October 2011 

Peak Physique!

With over 110 fitness classes a week, the LC is more than just a gym! Over the next few weeks our new studio coordinator Lisa and the LC fitness instructors will be introducing you to the classes on your timetable:

"Peak Physique is a conditioning class which improves muscular endurance, both toning and shaping the whole body fast! This is done by targeting every muscle group with low weight high repetition exercises to music. Our instructors guide you through the class providing motivation and encouragement to help you achieve the best results from your workout. This is a fun group exercise experience, which can leave you feeling in top form, mentally and physically.
This class is suitable for all fitness levels, it’s your workout, so feel free to work at your own level. Our instructors will be happy to show you what equipment you will need and how to use it. Its always a good idea to start light and build up slowly, even if you have used weights before, this will allow your body to adjust to the new demands of this workout.
Its lots of fun and a great way to challenge yourself and compliment any other training you are taking part in, so we look forward to having you join us in Peak Physique soon!"

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