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12 October 2011 


_MG_8925It’s the simple things in life that our children remember as they grow up, making cakes with Nan, playing board games on rainy holidays and making Christmas decorations out of anything and everything. It’s easy to forget just how important these moments are and indeed how important spending quality time with our children is. There are so many pressures in today’s world that we forget to celebrate those little beings who will grow up to be very important people.

At the LC we really value children and do everything we can to encourage families to spend time together. Three years ago we began celebrating National Children’s Day, the LC was the first place in Wales to begin celebrating the special day which is observed in more than 50 countries around the world. In Thailand they celebrate by allowing children free entry into zoos and amusement parks while in China children are given a day off school. Here at the LC we celebrate the day by bringing together a whole range of fun activities that we know children love. This year there will be magic shows, face painting, circus skills workshop and drama classes. The Ospreys will be bringing their inflatable village down and some of image 6the players will be popping in themselves. Tommy the Turtle will also be on hand to make sure everyone is enjoying themselves! All this is in addition to the LC’s usual offerings; the climbing wall, waterpark, boardrider and play area will be open all day. The money raised on the day will go to the day’s official charity, Ty Hafan to support young lives. So come and join us to celebrate children across Wales and make some family memories that will last a life time.

Tickets are just £6 per person and include 90minutes in the waterpark, climb, play and a boardrider session plus all the other activities. Call our reception team to book your tickets now on 01792 466500.

14 September 2011 

Give Spin A Chance!

Spin image mainTrying new things is always a challenge, whether it’s making the break away from your usual morning coffee to try something far more exotic or trying a new fitness class that has earned a reputation as being the hardest class ever. But then again challenges aren't meant to be easy!

Here at the LC we are always keen to except a challenge and try something new and we think you should too! With the launch of our brand new Spin Studio we want to encourage more people to give Spin a Chance! It’s a fantastic class and it really is a class that everyone can enjoy- it’s not only for the super fit or bionic...

Here are 10 reasons why everyone should give spin a chance at the LC;

1. Beginners Spin @ The LC- you can introduce yourself to spin softly with 30minute sessions designed especially for beginners, these sessions take place 8 times a week- so there is no excuse!

2. It’s a party- the disco lights and adrenaline creates a party atmosphere, without the alcohol, nibbles or chips on the way home!

3. Design your own class- you can take the class at your level while still joining in. As long as you keep the RPM at the level the instructors tells you, you can change the gears to make this achievable for you!

4. High calorie burner- Spin is a great calorie burner, even just a 30 minute session will get the blood pumping and the heart rate going, burning those calories.

5. The instructors- our gym team know exactly how to motivate and encourage you to reach your peak!

6. Lose yourself in the music- the state of the art sound system helps you to switch off from the real world and focus all your energy into the class.

7. It will make your happy- just half an hour of energetic activity will help to release those endorphins

8. Autumn is here- try as we might we can’t stop the evenings getting darker, spin lets you keep up with you cycling without the wind and the rain or the need for fluorescent gear!

9. It’s something new- shaking up your fitness routine every once in a while has its benefits, your body gets lazy if you maintain the same routine, shock it in to action now!

10. It’s low impact- while it’s a great cardio workout it doesn’t have a high impact on your joints.

If those reasons aren’t enough to convince you that you should give spin a chance and rise to the challenge, then why not try out one of our Taster sessions, just 10 minutes is sure to be enough to convince you that Spin isn’t only for the super fit and actually could be a challenge you enjoy.

Taster Sessions Take Place at the following times:

Tuesday: 9:15

Wednesday: 5:45

Thursday: 9:15

Click here to book your session now!

9 September 2011 

Mums and Dads - Do Something for You!

Family Days Out.

Download your new class timetable here.

With summer over and a new term arriving you may think that its time for some well deserved time out. But why not be different, instead of putting your feet up, make your way down to the LC and do something for you!

With our brand new PramJam class you can take a stroll outdoors with your little ones and at the same time get a cardio work out for yourself. You’ll learn how to squat, lunge and stretch your way through parenthood and even burn off a few calories while you’re at it with the help of your little one and their transport.

Or if you’re a mum and fancy a workout and have your child with you, why not try out our Legs, Mums & Tums class where you can take part in a combined cardio and toning work out while your little one enjoys a soft play session – after all that hard work you’ll definitely have earned a rest in our coffee shop or even treat yourself to a relaxing spa session.

Alternatively why not try out some of our fitness classes, with over 110 classes a week, there are plenty of classes that will fit around your busy schedule.....

9 September 2011 

Tommy's Blog

tommy websiteHey dudes,

I can’t believe summers over and your all back in school already! I miss seeing you all down at the LC! I hope you’ll all be back really soon to see me!

While I’ve been wandering around the LC I’ve heard some really cool news! The LC has got a brand new sports programme just for you! There’s Gymnastics, Table Tennis and Tag Rugby, as well as Football and Trampoline.

I’ve already had a go of the Tag Rugby – its such a big sport in Wales and seen as I live here I thought I better try it out and I loved it! With the rugby world cup starting I’ll definitely be waving the flag for Wales. I even tried out the Gymnastics yesterday, it was so much fun, and it really improved my balance which will definitely help me on my favourite thing at the LC – the Boardrider!

The Table Tennis instructors are amazing too, they will have you playing games in no time! So I hope you all manage to make at least one of the classes and have a go. I know you’ll have so much fun and I can say hi to you and maybe you could tell me all about what cool things you’ve been doing in school since you’ve been back.

I’d love to come to your school and hang out with you and your friends, maybe I’ll visit your school sometime soon with some fun Olympic style games....

See you soon dudes.
Tommy x

16 August 2011 

Roll Up! Roll Up!

_MG_8931Ever wanted to run away and join the circus? You can come and have a go at learning some skills at least at the LC this Saturday with Circus Eruption. We mainly provide circus workshops for disadvantaged children and young people – it’s great for their confidence and self-esteem, and the project helps them make friends and break down social barriers.

The great thing about circus skills is that anyone can have a go. On Saturday we’ll be teaching plate spinning and juggling, or you could have a go at balancing a plastic bag on your nose. Ever heard of a pedal-go? It’s a fixed-wheel balance toy that is a precursor to learning to unicycle – who knows, one day you could end up taking on a challenge like the one three of our volunteers will be on next week – unicycling from London to Swansea, 265 miles over 9 days, to raise money for our charity.

The essence of our work is to provide opportunities for young people that are educative and empowering as well as fun. Skills are adapted to meet each young person’s needs in order to provide maximum sense of achievement, even if it is in small steps at first. This is so important for young people’s self-esteem, particularly those who may not have had their fair share of encouragement or empowerment in the past. Young people can challenge their fear of failure in a safe, non-competitive environment.

We’re looking forward to seeing lots of new faces at the LC this weekend, and seeing how many people we can make smile with a new skill to add to their repertoire of party tricks. It’s an exciting time of year for us with preparation about to start for our new academic year of workshops, and we have spaces for young people to take part, and for over-18s to come and volunteer with us, so if you like what we do, just ask for more information on the day.

10 August 2011 

Free Weight Extension Underway!

Work on the extension of the free weight area has begun! Check out the images below, its hard to belive that last week this was the LC Spin Studio!

Free weight extension 1Free weight extension 3

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