New Year Pep Talk!

12 Jan 2011

With every year seemingly flying by faster and faster, it’s hardly surprising most of us feel that we are barely along for the ride. One moment we’re setting New Year resolutions, and then before we know it we’re scrambling to buy last minute Christmas presents and wondering where all the time went, convincing ourselves that next year we’ll do it better! (I will lose weight, I will stop smoking, I won’t spend so much money).

Did you know that 30% of people break their New Year resolutions in week one? And that by the end of February, 90% of people have given up entirely? Not great odds, shame on us!

But with depressing stats like these flying around (sorry about that) it’s no wonder we’re some what defeatist. So the LC thought we’d share some more optimistic numbers to help you past spring (at the very least!)…

Did you know that you are 90% more likely to take part in regular exercise if you do it with a partner - neighbour, sister, work colleague, wife, goldfish – take your pick!goldfish kiss

An hour of shopping can burn up to 325 calories while recent research has shown that an hour of kissing can burn up to 150 calories - Definitely something to smile about!

50% off Waterpark entry at the LC Mon-Fri until 28th January – Who said exercise had to be boring or pricey!

Getting regular support and advice can boost motivation and increase your weekly physical activity, so don’t be afraid to ask for help! Keep your spirits up, think positive and before you know it you’ll be scrambling for last minute Christmas presents AGAIN but maybe a few pounds lighter!

Good Luck and Happy New Year!

Available at the LC:

One-to-One fitness support.

State-of-the-art Interactive equipment.

Over 80 fitness classes a week.


Robbie said,
17 Jul 2011
I thought finding this would be so aruodus but it?s a breeze!

Kayo said,
16 Jul 2011
Wonderful explanation of facts avalliabe here.

Debrah said,
16 Jul 2011
At last, someone comes up with the "right" asnewr!

Charleigh said,
13 Jul 2011
Real brain power on diplsay. Thanks for that answer!

Nelle said,
13 Jul 2011
Thanks for sharing. What a pelsaure to read!

Lyndall said,
12 Jul 2011
A miunte saved is a minute earned, and this saved hours!

Sailor said,
11 Jul 2011
AFAIC that's the best asnewr so far!

Jonni said,
11 Jul 2011
Gee whiz, and I thuoght this would be hard to find out.

Krystallynn said,
2 Jul 2011
I ralely needed to find this info, thank God!

Jermajesty said,
2 Jul 2011
You raelly saved my skin with this information. Thanks!

Tracen said,
1 Jul 2011
And I was just wodnrieng about that too!

Greta said,
1 Jul 2011
Home run! Great slugging with that anwser!

Trinity said,
1 Jul 2011
That's really thniknig out of the box. Thanks!

Coltin said,
4 Jun 2011
I'm not easily impressed. . . but that's ipmesrsing me! :)

Coltin said,
4 Jun 2011
I'm not easily impressed. . . but that's ipmesrsing me! :)

Jodecy said,
31 May 2011
That's way more clever than I was ecxpetnig. Thanks!

Pepper said,
27 May 2011
Sntdas back from the keyboard in amazement! Thanks!

james said,
13 Jan 2011
Too true. I met my partner at the lc2 and we motivate each other to go 4 times a week. We love the classes and the staff.

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