Give Spin A Chance!

14 Sep 2011

Spin image mainTrying new things is always a challenge, whether it’s making the break away from your usual morning coffee to try something far more exotic or trying a new fitness class that has earned a reputation as being the hardest class ever. But then again challenges aren't meant to be easy!

Here at the LC we are always keen to except a challenge and try something new and we think you should too! With the launch of our brand new Spin Studio we want to encourage more people to give Spin a Chance! It’s a fantastic class and it really is a class that everyone can enjoy- it’s not only for the super fit or bionic...

Here are 10 reasons why everyone should give spin a chance at the LC;

1. Beginners Spin @ The LC- you can introduce yourself to spin softly with 30minute sessions designed especially for beginners, these sessions take place 8 times a week- so there is no excuse!

2. It’s a party- the disco lights and adrenaline creates a party atmosphere, without the alcohol, nibbles or chips on the way home!

3. Design your own class- you can take the class at your level while still joining in. As long as you keep the RPM at the level the instructors tells you, you can change the gears to make this achievable for you!

4. High calorie burner- Spin is a great calorie burner, even just a 30 minute session will get the blood pumping and the heart rate going, burning those calories.

5. The instructors- our gym team know exactly how to motivate and encourage you to reach your peak!

6. Lose yourself in the music- the state of the art sound system helps you to switch off from the real world and focus all your energy into the class.

7. It will make your happy- just half an hour of energetic activity will help to release those endorphins

8. Autumn is here- try as we might we can’t stop the evenings getting darker, spin lets you keep up with you cycling without the wind and the rain or the need for fluorescent gear!

9. It’s something new- shaking up your fitness routine every once in a while has its benefits, your body gets lazy if you maintain the same routine, shock it in to action now!

10. It’s low impact- while it’s a great cardio workout it doesn’t have a high impact on your joints.

If those reasons aren’t enough to convince you that you should give spin a chance and rise to the challenge, then why not try out one of our Taster sessions, just 10 minutes is sure to be enough to convince you that Spin isn’t only for the super fit and actually could be a challenge you enjoy.

Taster Sessions Take Place at the following times:

Tuesday: 9:15

Wednesday: 5:45

Thursday: 9:15

Click here to book your session now!


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