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9 Sep 2011

tommy websiteHey dudes,

I can’t believe summers over and your all back in school already! I miss seeing you all down at the LC! I hope you’ll all be back really soon to see me!

While I’ve been wandering around the LC I’ve heard some really cool news! The LC has got a brand new sports programme just for you! There’s Gymnastics, Table Tennis and Tag Rugby, as well as Football and Trampoline.

I’ve already had a go of the Tag Rugby – its such a big sport in Wales and seen as I live here I thought I better try it out and I loved it! With the rugby world cup starting I’ll definitely be waving the flag for Wales. I even tried out the Gymnastics yesterday, it was so much fun, and it really improved my balance which will definitely help me on my favourite thing at the LC – the Boardrider!

The Table Tennis instructors are amazing too, they will have you playing games in no time! So I hope you all manage to make at least one of the classes and have a go. I know you’ll have so much fun and I can say hi to you and maybe you could tell me all about what cool things you’ve been doing in school since you’ve been back.

I’d love to come to your school and hang out with you and your friends, maybe I’ll visit your school sometime soon with some fun Olympic style games....

See you soon dudes.
Tommy x


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