Mums and Dads - Do Something for You!

9 Sep 2011

Family Days Out.

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With summer over and a new term arriving you may think that its time for some well deserved time out. But why not be different, instead of putting your feet up, make your way down to the LC and do something for you!

With our brand new PramJam class you can take a stroll outdoors with your little ones and at the same time get a cardio work out for yourself. You’ll learn how to squat, lunge and stretch your way through parenthood and even burn off a few calories while you’re at it with the help of your little one and their transport.

Or if you’re a mum and fancy a workout and have your child with you, why not try out our Legs, Mums & Tums class where you can take part in a combined cardio and toning work out while your little one enjoys a soft play session – after all that hard work you’ll definitely have earned a rest in our coffee shop or even treat yourself to a relaxing spa session.

Alternatively why not try out some of our fitness classes, with over 110 classes a week, there are plenty of classes that will fit around your busy schedule.....


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