"Drop and give me 20!"

3 Aug 2011

militaryThe LC Tour de France challenge really captured the imagination of gym members and the LC team during July with over 100 people having a go at the challenge. There were some fantastic scores and many personal bests made on both the Dragonfire and Outlaw Rock Courses on the espresso bikes!
This month’s winners are Raul Reisman and Cath Bingham for the Dragon Fire Course who scored times of 11:36mins and 17:02 minutes respectively. Raul scored the top time again for the Outlaw Rock circuit doing it in just 26:19 minutes while the ladies winner, Laura Eddy completed the course in 38:27mins. Congratulations to all of our winners! If you enjoyed this month’s challenge why not try out a Spin class in the very new spin studio!
As we head into August you may hear the gym team shouting ‘Drop and give me twenty’ at unsuspecting gym members as the gym challenge has taken on a distinctly military feel! The challenge LC Military Academy Challenge consist of 20 Burpees , 20 Press ups, 20 Squats, 20 Star Jumps and 20 Sit Ups followed by a 1k run which will be timed to give your overall score. If you are new to the gym and want to take part in the challenge you can opt to do 10 reps of each and run 500meters, ask the gym team for some top training tips to get you ready!
Good luck and remember ‘no pain, no gain’!


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