Make waves in Swansea’s premier waterpark! Featuring an exciting network of pools, rides and slides including The Boardrider you’re bound to find something for everyone – The best family day out in South Wales!

Volcano Bay is now erupting in the water park, making it even more exciting! Click here for more details: Volcano Bay Is Now Erupting!!

The Edge is home to the much loved wave pool and famous Masterblaster slide, a roller coaster style slide that blasts riders on a rubber ring uphill on jetted water and then lets gravity to the rest!!

"Kaitlin loved it, she was kicking her legs and laughing, it was absolutely brilliant"

Once you’ve tasted the thrill of the waves, experience the indoor Boardrider, a standing surf simulator! The first of its kind in the world, The Boardrider is a great way for children to get to grips with surfing – and adults too!

"I love the rubber ring ride it’s the best ride in the world"

The LC waterpark is where you can find Tommy the Turtle hanging out and having fun. Visit Tommy and download cool Tommy games at Tommy Time! You can also take Tommy home with you, by looking at Tommy's Merchandise!

During the day the LC runs swimming lessons. Tommy's Tiddlers 1, 2 and 3 are for 0 - 3 years and the LC Ducklings are for 3 to 4 years. The lessons are designed to introduce your baby to the water and gradually build confidence and work on the basic swimming strokes. Check out our Activities page to find out more!

Check out the LC’s We’ve Got it Covered brochure for full listings of our day time pool activities and themed waterpark sessions!

Birthday coming up? Turn your waterpark visit into a party!

Pool Policy
Children must be supervised according to the following adult / child ratios:

Children aged 0-3 need one adult to supervise one child.

Children aged 4-7 need one adult to supervise two children.

Children aged 8+ are able to use the pool unaccompanied. However, any child who is not a confident swimmer must be supervised in the water at all times regardless of age.

Under 2s must wear a swim nappy.

Please note: During off-peak periods the slides will be open in rotation, so you will get to have a go on each slide every fifteen minutes!