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Will exercise help me shift my tum?

I am dieting and I have lost over two stone but my tummy is hanging around. I have avoided the gym so far because I am self-conscious about my weight, but will exercise help me shift my tum?

A healthy diet full of vegetables, good levels of protein and healthy fats, and low in sugar should help you continue to lose weight all over, so keep up the good work! It is very important for you to take up regular exercise to reinforce that good work  - and including weight-bearing exercise in your regime will help you to burn more calories, even when you are at rest.

Please come in and talk to one of our instructors who can help draw up a tailored fitness plan for you including some cardio and some weight-bearing exercise, to help you build muscle. I know you will find the LC a welcoming place to work out.

Exercises designed to tone the abdomen and core can help – why not join our Ab Blast class on a Wednesday at 7.15pm or Monday at 6.30pm? Or if you are an LC member you can sign up to our friendly and supportive Shape Up Plan lifestyle club for free.

But it is only when the weight goes that you will see those tightened muscles emerge – so keep setting your weight loss goals and celebrate your successes so far!