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Q. How can you stay motivated during the cold, dark winter?

I find it hard to stay motivated in the gym once cold weather and darker evenings are here – the temptation to veg out is too strong. How can I change my mindset?

There is something about the colder weather that can make us want to hibernate in a warm house and let the fitness levels slide. But if you are regular gym user then you know how good exercise makes you feel, so resolve to get your feel-good chemicals from exercise, not from a cup of cocoa and a roaring fire!

You might find it helpful to reschedule your fitness session to early in the day. That way you are making the most of lighter mornings and you are setting yourself up to get the feel-good benefits from your morning session throughout the day. The LC runs spin, bootcamp, circuits and bodypump sessions early in the mornings – all great for getting the blood circulating.

Team up with a gym buddy so you can encourage each other and you can compare your progress. And, alongside your dedicated exercise sessions, try to enjoy the seasonal benefits that come with the autumn and winter months. You might not be willing or able to go sea-swimming or to play beach volleyball but a long hike in the woods and hills is a pleasure at this time of year. Similarly, a walk in a wintry beach is a calming joy – as long as you wrap up well.