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Q. How can I help my staff stay fit?

I own a small firm in the city centre. I am keen to help my staff keep fit without being too heavy-handed. How should I proceed?

It is great that you are thinking about your team’s fitness. It is something I wish more employers would take an interest in, but I understand it can be a difficult subject to broach. Firstly it is important to lead by example. If you set the tone by making fitness a part of your working day and something you talk about openly, that will help create the right office culture. You could set up a lunchtime walking club to do brisk circuits of the city centre or a walk down to the beach once or twice a week.

Can you help subsidise your staff’s gym membership or sign up to an interest free bike-buying scheme? Can you offer space for people to leave their bikes securely? Can you set up an after work kickabout once a week, or can you sign up to a fitness challenge – perhaps a half marathon, as a company?

The LC offers FREE Health MOT sessions, visiting workplaces to deliver relaxed, informative advice and a review of people's fitness, diet, blood pressure and body fat. That might be a good starting point to help get everyone on the same page.