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Q. How can I change my grazing habits?

I work from home and I have a habit of grazing throughout the day – partly because the fridge is a few steps away and partly because food helps me get through stressful deadlines. How can I change my habits?


We all have a different approach to food and eating little and often is no bad thing – as long as you eat healthily. Instead of trying to radically change your eating habits by sticking to three square meals a day I would allow yourself five or six small meals and snacks, but be very strict about portion control and fill your fridge with healthy options only.

 Vegetable-based dips and salsas, plain nuts, eggs, salad and crudités, lean meat, berries, oily fish, olives – these are all good options. And rather than using food as a way to get yourself through stressful times, try to set other goals and rewards. For instance, when you meet a tough deadline reward yourself with a 30 minute walk on the beach, with a phone call to a friend, or with a DVD you have always meant to watch but never got round to. In time you will be able to adjust your attitude to food.