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We’ve all done it. We join a gym, we go to every class and gym session we can like our lives depend on it…for about a month – and then our motivation fades. What can you do? Here are some simple ways to keep you on your path to health, fitness and a better you.

Set goals…

  • In one month, I will be able to…

-          run 3/5/10k on the treadmill in ‘x’ amount of time

-          attend at least 3 classes / gym sessions a week

  • In 6 weeks I will be lifting ‘x’ lbs in the gym
  • Within 8 weeks I will be able to get into my skinny jeans

Be realistic though, don’t say, in 2 weeks I will have a full six pack. Rome wasn’t built in a day! Set yourself an achievable target and you’ll feel energised by your results.

For this very reason we offer a free personal programme and reviews whenever you like, so you can not only set goals but check how you’ve progressed and get the advice you need to reach these.

Variety is the spice of life …

  • Keep things fresh. You can still go to all the same classes, just change up your routine for the month – alternate, and throw in something new. As well as adding a variety of fitness activities to your usual routine, your body will benefit more from the use of different muscles – aiding your fitness journey.
  • Try something new – a new sport, a local running group, or go out of your comfort zone and try something new like Yoga or Tai Chi.

Make exercise part of your daily life…

  • Set your morning alarm 30 minutes earlier and go for a quick run to jump start your metabolism. This will leave you feeling revitalised for the day ahead. Also, you’ll feel better if you can’t make your evening class or session – you’ve already had a workout.
  • Take the stairs instead of the escalator or lift at work or if you’re out and about at the weekend.
  • Maybe move your exercise bike in to your living room for guilt free TV watching in the evening!
  • If you can, walk to work, get off the bus a stop early or park a bit further away than you usually do. You’ll feel fresher by the time you reach work.

Get everyone involved!

  • Rope your friends and family in. A walk after work. A class in the evening. A quick swim. A bike ride at the weekend. Strength in numbers and all that.

Make a motivational playlist…

  • Add your favourite up-tempo songs, throw in the occasional anthem from Rocky and you’ll be away!
  • Keep your music up to date and fresh.


  • It doesn’t have to be all work and no play you know. Reward yourself when you feel that you’ve done particularly well at something or reached a milestone. It might be a new pair of trainers, a tasty (healthy!) treat, a visit to the Spa@LC or maybe just congratulate yourself! Positive vibes go a long way.

Listen to your body…

  • It’s ok to take a break. If you’re tired, give yourself a day or 2 for your body to recover, don’t burn yourself out – if you do you’ll just be out of action for longer.
  • After a day or 2 you’ll be recovered and you can get back to your fitness routine and feeling great again.

APPly yourself!

  • Use your smartphone. There are tonnes of apps that you can use that help motivate and keep a log of what and how you’re doing.
  • Link it to social media – boast about how far you’ve run that morning (you can even let us know at @LCGymSwansea) – you’ll soon become addicted and will want to keep it up – better your last PB and tell the world about it.
  • If you’re not one for shouting it from the rooftops, how about keeping a record of your achievements and look at them when you need a bit of a boost. It will show you just how far you’ve come in the last few weeks or months.
  • Try free to download My Fitness Pal or RunKeeper.

Back to basics…

  • If you find your energy or commitment waning, go back to basics. Put a photo of your ideal body on your fridge, on your phone, in your car, on your desk at work – it’ll help remind you of your goals.

To the point…

  • No pain, no gain! This is the most motivational point we can make. If you don’t put in the time and effort, no one else will. You’ll get back what you put in. This doesn’t mean that you have to ‘lift’ like Arnie or take part in extreme diets, but you need to work for your results. Enjoy the journey. It won’t be long before you look back with proud reflection on your achievements.

It’ll be harder the longer you leave it. Taking the odd class off isn’t the end of the world, neither is having some time off to recover, but if you miss a whole load of classes because you’re too tired or you can’t be bothered – you’re only hurting yourself. You’ll undo all your hard work. And remember with our extensive fitness classes timetable there’s always something new to try out and mix up your exercise routine! Energy breeds energy so keep it up – it’ll become second nature once you’re in a routine.

No matter how tired you are, how long your week has been, if you’re feeling stressed or in a bad mood, you WILL feel better after your workout – always remember that feeling and use it to give you a push if you’re considering skipping that class or gym session.

If all else fails remember…

….your workout can take up as little as 4% of your day. No excuses.