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Mindfulness For Heart Health and Head Health!

MINDFULLNESSIt is easy to be little dismissive of new health or fitness trends, and Mindfulness Is certainly having its day in the spotlight.

Celebrities are endorsing it, glossy magazines are writing features about it, and we all know someone who practises it.

A form of daily meditation that encourages people to stay ‘in the moment’ rather than letting their mind wander to their pre-programmed negative messages, ingrained fears, and worries about what’s around the corner, Mindfulness seems deeply rooted in common sense.

If nothing else, training our minds to focus upon the task in hand or our surroundings at any given moment must be good for our powers of concentration, our mood and our anxiety levels.

And it is fascinating to see that some cardiologists are now prescribing Mindfulness  to help treat mild coronary heart disease, alongside the more common prescriptions of a good diet and exercise.

Of course Yoga and other reflective and relaxing forms of exercise and meditation can help to keep the mind focused on how you are breathing, what your body is doing, and what is going on around you – as can some other repetitive exercise programmes like jogging or cycling.

But Mindfulness, when taught by an expert, takes things that much further – and can really help you feel refreshed and recharged. Our instructor Julie is at the helm of our new LC Mindfuness sessions every Monday at 6.30pm and every Wednesday from 9.30am and they are already drawing a crowd. Why not come along and check them out for yourself?