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Meet the team...Lynette

lynetteMeet Lynette our new Studio Coordinator here at the LC.

Lynette studied dance at the University of Chester, and was the director of her own dance company BFAB Dance for three years. After that she moved on to Swansea Tennis Centre for a further three years and admits that she still can’t play tennis! Lynette them moved to Simly Gym and was a Duty Manager there for two years before moving to the LC.

“I’ll be your best friend on the dance floor and your nemesis on a netball court.” Lynette loves seeing the world, and recently travelled for seven months. “I am always looking for my next holiday!”

Some fun facts about Lynette

Nickname: Netty

Guilty Pleasure: McFly, Pugs and Cupcakes

Favourite fitness class: Circuit Max

Fun Fact: Once fell off an elephant in Thailand and had a bruise the shape of an elephant as a result of the fall..and a black eye!