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Lynette's Blog #3: Yoga

This week Lynette our Studio Class Coordinator here at the LC tries out Yoga:


I wouldn’t class myself as the most supple, flexible, coordinated tool in the box which seems a recipe for disaster in a yoga class. But I figured I should work on my weak areas whilst throwing myself out of my comfort zone.

The class was very enjoyable from start to finish, the atmosphere was calm and collected, the instructor softly spoken easing my tension. The instructor spoke clearly and gave brilliant visual demonstrations of each pose, prior to the class I possibly knew one yoga pose I know feel I can speak fluent yoga and even showed off to my friends, ‘feeling good after the cobra last night’ obviously my friends took this as the drink kind….

The instructor provided various levels of the movement and simplified each move first before progressing if you could. Some movements I felt I could progress, others I stripped to bare basics. I consider myself fairly fit and assumed that I’d be okay doing the class, I found the class very challenging in a good way. It was something completely new to the other classes I normally do, after the class I felt rejuvenated and supple.

I think I will continue to incorporate yoga into my weekly workouts to help aid strength and conditioning, opening up the joints and relieving tension, this in turn will benefit other classes and my gym based programme.


Check out our latest fitness timetable here to see when you can try out this great class.