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Lynette's Blog #2: Spin

Next up for our Studio Coordinator Lynette to give us the low down on is Spin: 


Since the craze of spin kicked off I have oozed this anxiety of the thought of participating in a spin class of any level. I wanted to complete a class as I enjoy fitness especially classes…so why was this so different, what was stopping me? Was it hear say from fitter friends of how spin had broken them for days? I quite like the use of my legs and they are quite vital for day to day activities.

Anyway I stepped up, did it and survived, and am now thinking of my next class! The class was extremely well planned; the instructor informed me how to set up the bike in the correct position to get the most out of the class.

The instructor was very clear in explaining which gears and RPM to use; this made the class fly by as I was constantly engaged and distracted with my gears and monitoring my RMP. They consistently motivated the class ensuring I did not drop RPM, even if I didn’t reach the target set I still maintained my own maximum threshold.

Throughout the class the gears remained in the range set and I didn’t take the easy root and drop them down as I feel I wouldn’t be getting the most out of the class. Instead I push my RPM to the highest I could do and maintained if for the time period set.

So there are ways to still challenging yourself, no I didn’t use the highest range of gears offered for each section of the class I used the minimum, I tried to reach the RPM set but if not I went as hard and as fast as I could and maintained and I still had a fantastic workout burning over 500 calories in 45 minutes.


Check out our latest fitness timetable here to see when you can try out this great class.