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Lynette's Blog #1: Les Mills Body Pump

In the coming months our new studio coordinator Lynette is going to be giving us the lowdown on some of our fitness classes here at the LC - first up is Les Mills Body Pump:


I felt in my element attempting this class as I’d previously done a lot of weight training, but never in a class environment.

The class was well spaced and I was instructed on what range of equipment I’d need, in this case it was a mixture of light, medium and heavy weight for the bar but also a step, matt and a pair of light dumbbells. Throughout the class we would target a specific muscle group and work and develop that muscle until fatigued.

During a few muscle groups I felt I’d burnt out prior to the end of the targeted section of work and needed to drop the weight down and either finish the set on a lighter weight or my body weight.

The class flowed from larger muscle groups such as legs to chest, back, shoulders and arms. I felt it was a total body workout using a range of weights and body weight exercise. After each muscle group I felt fatigued in that area and was glad for the rest ready for the next muscle group.

The movements worked well with the selected exercises helping you move to the beat. The class also worked on timings of exercises working slowly and eccentrically to really feel the moves work, for e.g taking four counts to get down into a squat and the four counts to stand, or dropping for one count but four counts to stand again.

It may take a while to know which weight suits each muscle group, but there is nothing wrong with dropping weights down when you feel you’ve reached your limit.

This class really focuses on sculpting the muscle whilst providing strength.


Check out our latest fitness timetable here to see when you can try out this great class.