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LC Shape up member of the Month - August

Shape Up PlanThe LC Shape Up Plan is a unique programme offered to all our members who are looking to shape up, lose weight and feel great. With nutritional advice, support and tailored fitness porgrammes our shape up 

team are dedicated to impact our members lives positively.

Each month we will be recognising the member who has made the most progress adn shown the best attitude to achieving their goals.

August Shape Up member of the Month


Telsa Christina Gwynne

Start weight - 02-06-14

Current weight - 04-08-14

Total weight loss 6kgs


How has the Shape Up Plan helped you?

Joining the shape up plan has helped me stick to a plan of healthier eating and exercise. It has encouraged me to try more classes with the convenience of working around me for my weigh-ins.

After a very difficult year and losing nearly a stone i now feel I am in control as opposed to things being in control of me. I am now looking forward to going on holiday and being active.

However as soon as I come back I will definately be continuing with the Shape Up Plan.