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Keep Hunger At Bay

Losing weight is never easy, especially if you are hungry.  Here are some timing tips to make things easier.  Its all about the timing of your food where planning is crucial to your success.
Eat breakfast within an hour of waking up so you can replenish your blood sugar levels.  Cereals are great as they contain vitamin B, which releases the get up and go in you! However avoid sugary cereals.  Adding a small amount of protein will help you feel fuller for longer, scrambled eggs on a slice of wholegrain toast is a great option too.
A Morning snack between breakfast and lunch is a good way to break the morning up and help you reach your five a day.  Go for apples and melons, which provide lots of fibre and minerals without racking up the calories.  Adding a small amount of protein like a 25g serving of almonds will really satisfy you.
Your body is normally ready for lunch 4 hours after breakfast.  Choose fresh and lean foods such as sweet potato with tuna and sweetcorn or chicken salad.  Consuming foods that contain iron will help keep your brain functioning.
Lots of us will experience the afternoon slump, which leads to a craving for sugary foods.  Go for something like a diet protein shake, fat free yoghurt and fruit, fresh chopped vegetables with cottage cheese.
Aim to have dinner around 3 hours after your mid afternoon snack.  Fill up on  lots of fibre rich vegetables and lean protein.  Be mindful of portions sizes of starchy carbs, such as rice and pasta. 
If you feel peckish later in the evening then go for something such as a low fat milky drink made with skimmed milk, rivita spread with low fat cream cheese and slice of lean ham.  Stay away from fruit.