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Q. Is it OK to relax the diet a bit during holiday season?


Once Christmas food starts appearing in the shops my willpower goes out the window. Is it OK to relax the diet a bit during holiday season?

I’m sure we all know the answer to this one! Why undermine any good work you have done so far by over-indulging at Christmas?

It is harder when sugar-laden foods are everywhere, but stay focused on your goals and your achievements so far and remind yourself every day why losing weight and getting fitter is important to you. Remind yourself too how good you feel when you discover you have lost a pound. I’m sure you get more of a kick from that than you do from eating a chocolate.

I wish someone would market an advent calendar where you could unveil your health and fitness achievements in the 12 days of Christmas!

Resolve not to buy any Christmas food or alcohol until mid-December, ask your family and friends not to give you foodie gifts, schedule exercise sessions in throughout the holidays and start looking now for healthy Christmas recipes you can try out during the holiday season so you feel you are eating something new and exciting – but not laden with calories.