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Insanity® hits the LC Swansea

What is it?

Insanity® is a total body conditioning programme, which can see fantastic results if practiced regularly.  It’s Max Interval Training – by many accounts an improved version of high-intensity workouts.

What do you do?
•    You work out intensively for 3–5 minute blocks
•    Stop to catch you breath
•    Get straight back to it!
It's called Max Interval Training because it keeps your body working at the maximum capacity throughout the whole workout.

Is this not just regular Interval Training?

Traditional Interval Training Insanity® MAX Interval Training

Short bursts of high intensity cardio with breaks in between intervals

Longer high intensity bursts and shorter 30 second breaks between intervals

MAX Interval Training brings the heart rate up higher, for longer. If you’re dedicated, Insanity® can help maximise your workout and burn upwards of 1000 calories in one workout session alone - a spinning class burns just 331 calories in the same amount of time!
Insanity® pushes your body to its limit – your body will soon learn to adapt.  A 60 day programme has proven to make a huge difference.

Here’s an example of an Insanity® workout
Your instructor will take you through your paces in this equipment-free class which involves non-stop strenuous stamina training.
You’ll start with a fast paced warm-up before moving into three intense sets of work, each one targeting a different element of fitness.
You will work out at the very limits of your capability for 3-5 minute bursts of intense, exercises. You’ll have a rest for about 30 seconds and then you’ll do it all again!
Don’t be afraid if this all sounds a bit too much, our instructors can provide low-impact options for each section of the workout so that it suits any fitness level.

Shaun T, Creator of Insanity® says…
“Is Insanity® hard? Oh, yeah. It really IS the hardest workout ever…It's totally crazy...but it's going to get you crazy-good results”

Sign me up!
Luckily for you, the LC Swansea is running Insanity® classes from 16th July 2014. Take a look at the new timetable here and book onto your first Insanity® class by calling 01792 466500.
Go on, give yourself a 60 day challenge!