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I hit the wall at 12 miles..

My training for the JCP Swansea Half Marathon in June has been going well but Iā€™m struggling to complete distance runs at the moment ā€“ I hit the wall at around 12 miles.

Well done for making a commitment to the half marathon this year.

While long runs are necessary to test your endurance you should focus too on building up your lower body strength using resistance exercises which target the legs and hips. This will help build the muscles you need to power through your distance barrier.

A weekly hill training session would help you to build useful leg muscle too. If you find you are running out of energy early on in your run, remember to start off at a steadier pace and to stay well hydrated ā€“ this should help with your stamina.

It may be that the barrier you are encountering is a mental one as well as a physical one. Do you find your attention dwindling after ten miles or so? You might want to team up with a running buddy who has similar fitness goals so you can help keep each other motivated. The LC hosts a regular RunSwansea seminar, supported by HMT Sancta Maria, with experts sharing valuable insights and specialist knowledge. Keep up to date with those here.