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FREE body and lifestyle MOT

Picture3Tenovus Cancer Care has joined forces with The LC to help promote healthy lifestyle and body choices in 2016 - New year! New You! One of our key objectives is to spread positive messages and educate our supporters and clients on lifestyle factors that can have an impact on your risk of developing cancer. Did you know that by making some simple changes to your lifestyle can significantly reduce your risk?  Eating a healthy diet, taking regular exercise and avoiding smoking will all help to lower your risk.

We would like to offer you the opportunity to participate in our ‘Lifestyle and Body MOT’ event on Friday 22nd January. This would involve the Tenovus Cancer Care health and wellbeing team working with you to go through the use of online questionnaires that ask questions about various issues that affect health, starting with the more obvious questions relating to diet and exercise, through to whether you have noticed any recent changes in any moles you may have or if you seem to paying more frequent visits to the toilet during the night. Every question answered is scored on a traffic light system and at the end of the questionnaire your staff would have the option for a confidential 10 minute consultation with a Tenovus Cancer Care trained advisor to discuss any concerns that might arise.

You will also be given the opportunity to have a consultation with the LC team to look at programmes that suit you and your needs. They will also be on hand to measure height, weight, blood pressure and body mass which will help to tailor your fitness objectives for the year ahead.

To book your space call us on 01792 466500 and ask for Jennie or email here.