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Facts of the week from PEAK!

cold winter for dry eyesDid you know: Muscle mass peaks at 30

Your physical strength is at its best around the age of 30 followed by a general decrease in muscle mass as you age (just more perks of getting older) however this can be countered by exercising your core properly each week.

Core stability/Spinal stability is not just having good abs when you take off your top, it’s having control of each of your vertebrae, your lumbar spine, pelvis and having whole body balance.

...... So don’t skip on your core exercises, you’ll regret it as the years go on!!

Health and fitness: Fight your cold this winter

Living in Swansea we are prone to rubbish weather on a daily basis, but during the winter months it’s even worse, so the chances of catching a cold is as likely to happen as Wales not Qualifying for the world cup. So help prevent your cold or reduce the length of your cold by 40% with a daily supplement intake of Zinc.

Nutrition Tip: Boost your Stamina

For all those enthusiastic about running 10k, half marathons, marathons, cycling or even participating in the brutal Spin class here at The LC we have a tip for you. Beetroot!!! This contains a large amount of Nitrate which relaxes the blood vessels allowing them to widen, increasing the volume of blood pumped through the blood vessels.  This will mean a greater amount of oxygen supplied to your muscles providing you with that extra burst of energy allowing you to work harder for longer!!

Exercise of the week: Overhead sit-up with rotation

This is a great exercise that targets your entire core, working your Abdominal, internal and external Obliques and your Transverse Abdominis.  It can be performed by sitting on the floor or to increase difficulty perform this exercise on a decline bench!

Endurance and tone: aim for high reps and light to no weight (20-30 reps/3 sets)

Strength and size: aim for low reps and heavy weight (12-15 reps/4 sets)

Give it a go, and let us know what you think!!!