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Deans' New Year Fitness Blog

Dean starts the New Year by answering some key questions..

The scales aren’t being kind to me this month and I’m struggling to find the motivation to get back to the gym. Please help?

Even the most dedicated of us relax our health and fitness regimes over Christmas and the New Year. And why not? It is a time for enjoyment and relaxation. Don’t beat yourself up about it. Just remember, your health and fitness are entirely in your hands and under your control.

Making that first trip back to the gym after a long break can be tough, but the great thing about exercise is that it rewards you immediately with those energising endorphins, so once you make the first move you’re already on your way.

To help you get your old enthusiasm back, shake up your fitness routine. Try equipment you have avoided before. Join a class that takes you out of your comfort zone, or set new time and distance targets on the machines. Reward yourself for reaching your targets too – perhaps with cinema tickets or an hour of me-time.

If you are struggling to shift pounds, remember the LC’s Shape Up Plan is a carefully designed regime of nutritional advice, exercise, weekly weigh-ins and body fat assessments that will help you get on track, and it is free as part of your membership. 


My daughter is in her early teens and she is conscious about her body shape. I want to help her with her fitness but I don’t want to make her anxious about it. What do you recommend?

This is a situation many parents will recognise and it can be tricky to negotiate.

You are right to approach this with caution, but if you can help her think positively about fitness now, when she is young, you will be giving her a gift that should last a lifetime.

Firstly, if you can find an activity or two that she loves and that makes her smile then she will be exercising without realising it. That’s a major first step. Does she dance around or do Karaoke when she is with her friends? Then perhaps organise Wii parties for them.

If she likes swimming, walking the dog, or bowling, make those things regular fun, family-time sessions. When you have your mum-and-daughter chats, resolve to do them outside, while walking around the block. Small steps lead to good, long-term habits.