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Deans Health and Fitness Blog August 26th

What is interval training? dean

Interval training alternates between bursts of higher-intensity exercise and periods of less-intense exercise (or active rest). As your fitness levels increase, you decrease the "rest" time and increase the high-intensity exercise. If you train this way regularly, you'll see big fitness gains.

For example, if you currently run for 30 minutes at 6 mph, why not amend this slightly and try jogging for five minutes to warm up. Then, increase your speed to 7 mph for one to two minutes (less if you can't go that long). Then, jog for a few minutes at a slower speed, then again at the faster speed, and so on until you reach your time limit.

I would suggest interval training just once a week to begin, as it is more intense than you may be used to. Once you get a feel for it, you can build it into your ongoing fitness routine. It’s great for your overall fitness as well as for weight loss.

What precautions should seniors take into consideration when starting a new exercise program?

Age is never a barrier for exercise and we welcome people of all ages at the LC. However, as people get older, there are particular issues can become a problem. These can include mobility, weaknesses in body areas and tight spots.

Be aware of your limitations, for example arthritic knees would be a limitation, so distance running would not be as wise, however an exercise such as swimming has much less impact on the knees so makes it an ideal choice for seniors. Another issue to be aware of is low blood pressure, if this is the case, avoid any heavily cardiovascular exercise.

At the LC we have introduced the LC Gold, a programme full of activities designed specifically for the older adult. Call in for a timetable or check out our website for these specific classes.