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Dean's July Health and Fitness Club

I’m looking for a fun fitness class I can tempt my sister along to so I can have some company. She loves dancing but she is a fitness class novice – what do you suggest?

It is a great idea to take a buddy along with you to a fitness class – it will help you stay motivated and it will make the session more fun for both of you.

There are a number of dance-inspired fitness classes on offer at the LC, including Just Dance on Thursday evenings and Bokwa on Monday evenings. Our new Bollywood-inspired class, every Wednesday at 7:30pm  are likely to draw a crowd too, with its lively rhythms and upbeat atmosphere.

Dance-style classes can be a lot of fun as well as offering a great cardio workout. They are an ideal way for fitness class newbies to find their feet and they can be a real confidence-builder too.

If you aren't a regular dancer classes like these can remind you about muscle groups you forgot you had – so you should start slowly if you are a newcomer.

My wife is struggling to lose her baby weight after having our son late last year. I don't want to put any pressure on her but how can I help? 

You are right to approach this one tactfully, but if her weight is having an impact on her health and happiness by all means you should do what you can to support your wife.

Are you able to set aside time when you can take a brisk walk twice a week together? Approach this time as a time for you to catch up as a couple rather than as a strict exercise session, but try to keep the pace up for 15 to 20 minutes, then increase the duration over time.

If she has a friend she would feel comfortable going to a class with why not ask them to getting touch and to invite her along? Perhaps they can enjoy a pampering session together afterward in the LC Spa?

The LC runs a great Pram Jam class on Monday’s at 11:30am for new mums who want to get back to fitness. Healthy eating is essential for new mums to help them build up any lost vitality so try to embark on a healthy eating plan as a couple so your fridge is full of clean, natural foods.