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Clean Eating Challenge - Day 9


We’re now into the second week of the Clean Eating Challenge and we’ve had our first weekend which was, unfortunately for us, a bank holiday. While

cakes everyone else was out drinking and eating whatever they like; we were keeping it clean. For me, this was really hard as I was at festival in Bristol watching everyone tuck into chips and burgers. Instead I snacked on lots of fruit and found an amazing stand that sold curried goat and sweet potato fries – a surprisingly tasty meal!

As a result of the weekend, a lot of the gym team made healthy, clean treats to snack on to satisfy some cravings. We are putting some of these ideas up on the display board outside the spin room so keep an eye out! I’m still enjoying the challenge as I feel like I have a lot more energy than before and I really like experimenting with all the different foods you can eat – we’d really like to hear some of your ideas though. Tell us what you’ve been eating on twitter and facebook!

Keep up the good work!