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I work from home and I have a habit of grazing throughout the day – partly because the fridge is a few steps away and partly because food helps me get through stressful deadlines. How can I change my habits?


We all have a different approach to food and eating little and often is no bad thing – as long as you eat healthily. Instead of trying to radically change your eating habits by sticking to three square meals a day I would allow yourself five or six small meals and snacks, but be very strict about portion control and fill your fridge with healthy options only.

 Vegetable-based dips and salsas, plain nuts, eggs, salad and crudités, lean meat, berries, oily fish, olives – these are all good options. And rather than using food as a way to get yourself through stressful times, try to set other goals and rewards. For instance, when you meet a tough deadline reward yourself with a 30 minute walk on the beach, with a phone call to a friend, or with a DVD you have always meant to watch but never got round to. In time you will be able to adjust your attitude to food.

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Join us on Thursday December 3rd to celebrate International Day for persons with disabilities.


We will be offering free taster sessions for both able bodied and disabled persons in Boccia between 3-5pm and Wheelchair Basketball between 3-4:30pm.

All ages are welcome and there is no need to pre-book.

See you all there.

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I find it hard to stay motivated in the gym once cold weather and darker evenings are here – the temptation to veg out is too strong. How can I change my mindset?

There is something about the colder weather that can make us want to hibernate in a warm house and let the fitness levels slide. But if you are regular gym user then you know how good exercise makes you feel, so resolve to get your feel-good chemicals from exercise, not from a cup of cocoa and a roaring fire!

You might find it helpful to reschedule your fitness session to early in the day. That way you are making the most of lighter mornings and you are setting yourself up to get the feel-good benefits from your morning session throughout the day. The LC runs spin, bootcamp, circuits and bodypump sessions early in the mornings – all great for getting the blood circulating.

Team up with a gym buddy so you can encourage each other and you can compare your progress. And, alongside your dedicated exercise sessions, try to enjoy the seasonal benefits that come with the autumn and winter months. You might not be willing or able to go sea-swimming or to play beach volleyball but a long hike in the woods and hills is a pleasure at this time of year. Similarly, a walk in a wintry beach is a calming joy – as long as you wrap up well.


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imagesThe LC are proud to be part of the RunSwansea initiative set up by HMT Sancta Maria in partnership with the JCP Half Marathon, 360 Beach and Watersports cafe and Park Run.

RunSwansea is a new health promotion initiative aimed at runners of all ages and abilities, including those who have never even put on a pair of trainers. Events are being planned for the next 12 months.

All the events are FREE with the first event being held on Tuesday 8th December here at the LC. The first seminar will feature a talk from broadcaster and Director of Athletics at Cardiff Met, James Thie.

Spaces are limited and available on a first come first served basis so call us on 01792 466500 to book your space.


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I am a woman in my early forties and although I have kept my weight stable my muscle tone has changed dramatically – my arms and legs have lost their muscle mass and I’ve noticed a real difference in my body shape. Is this normal?

Muscle mass does decrease as you hit your forties and as you progress through the decade milestones. It can have a real affect on your overall body shape and on your confidence – but you can stop those changes and regain your muscle mass to a large extent.

Now is the time to cut back on your cardio work and to incorporate more weight and resistance work into your fitness routine. A dedicated programme of weight work will help your body regain muscle mass and you can target the areas you are concerned about. Using weights and resistance will have a good effect on your joints, your strength and your done density too and it will help you achieve a sculpted look. Try to increase the amount of protein you eat too. That will give your muscles the fuel they need to grow.

If you aren’t used to using weights, build them up up slowly – but you will be surprised how quickly those visible results come. I would recommend talking to one of the LC fitness instructors at the gym so they can help you draw up a fitness plan tailored to your needs. 

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