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It is well-known that regular running, brisk walking or other aerobic exercise helps to keep us healthy and happy well into our later years, but a ground-breaking new study indicates that regular weights or resistance work could actually help restructure our brains – effectively helping to age-proof our grey matter and ward off dementia.

301112 078The finding, published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society is causing a real stir among dementia experts and it is likely see many more older people taking up gym membership.

Like all of our organs the brain changes with time, shedding neurons and regularly repairing itself.

But the brain is vulnerable to the aging process and it can be left with lesions and shrinkage that affects our thought processes, memory and movement.

This recent studyenlisted a large group of healthy women aged 65 to 75 to carry out three supervised exercise programmes  - a program of light upper and lower-body weight training once a week, a similar programme twice a week, with another group carrying out a twice-weekly regime of balance training and stretching.

After a year the women who had concentrated on balance and flexibility showed a increase in their brain lesions and a slowing of their gait, as did the women who had trained with weights once a week.

Meanwhile, the findings for those who had lifted weights twice a week were remarkable. They showed far less shrinkage and damage to their brain than the other women and they also walked more smoothly than the women in the other two groups.

So, visiting the gym twice a week to take up a kettle bells class, to use our state-of-the-art resistance equipment, or to take up a weights regime could help keep your brain as well as your body in great condition. For beginners, why not try our Tuesday morning kettlebells class or our LC Gold Easyline?

Our expert gym team is on hand to help you with a tailored fitness plan. Why not give us a call on: 01792 466500 and make a start on age-proofing your brain?

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cold winter for dry eyesDid you know: Muscle mass peaks at 30

Your physical strength is at its best around the age of 30 followed by a general decrease in muscle mass as you age (just more perks of getting older) however this can be countered by exercising your core properly each week.

Core stability/Spinal stability is not just having good abs when you take off your top, it’s having control of each of your vertebrae, your lumbar spine, pelvis and having whole body balance.

...... So don’t skip on your core exercises, you’ll regret it as the years go on!!

Health and fitness: Fight your cold this winter

Living in Swansea we are prone to rubbish weather on a daily basis, but during the winter months it’s even worse, so the chances of catching a cold is as likely to happen as Wales not Qualifying for the world cup. So help prevent your cold or reduce the length of your cold by 40% with a daily supplement intake of Zinc.

Nutrition Tip: Boost your Stamina

For all those enthusiastic about running 10k, half marathons, marathons, cycling or even participating in the brutal Spin class here at The LC we have a tip for you. Beetroot!!! This contains a large amount of Nitrate which relaxes the blood vessels allowing them to widen, increasing the volume of blood pumped through the blood vessels.  This will mean a greater amount of oxygen supplied to your muscles providing you with that extra burst of energy allowing you to work harder for longer!!

Exercise of the week: Overhead sit-up with rotation

This is a great exercise that targets your entire core, working your Abdominal, internal and external Obliques and your Transverse Abdominis.  It can be performed by sitting on the floor or to increase difficulty perform this exercise on a decline bench!

Endurance and tone: aim for high reps and light to no weight (20-30 reps/3 sets)

Strength and size: aim for low reps and heavy weight (12-15 reps/4 sets)

Give it a go, and let us know what you think!!!

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This Father's Day (Sunday 19 June 2016), we are offering Dads the chance to be treated for a change as they announce their ‘Dads Go Free’ initiative for the day. Dads can enjoy free entry to the LC waterpark for the day.

The water park includes a main pool, a smaller child’s pool, three separate slides, a lazy river and a wave machine. The LC waterpark is also the home of the famous ‘Boardrider’ indoor surf simulator, perfect for adventurous dads who want to try their hand at a spot of surfing.

Nic Beggs, the General Manager at the LC said: “Our waterpark is always a popular choice with families but for Father’s Day we wanted to be able to give dad’s across Swansea and beyond the additional treat of free entry so they can enjoy their day with their children for free.  The unpredictable Welsh weather means that we are one of the few places that aren’t dependable on the sun being out. Come rain or shine we will be still able to offer Dads a fantastic day out with the kids this Father's Day.” 

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Local residents are being encouraged to make the most of Swansea Bay’s natural assets to help them get fit and stay fit. d222a96aa106d205b3366a5258b0a4cc

We areTaking Fitness To The Streets with a series of pop-up classes going ahead in some of the area’s natural beauty spots.

The first free class – a Bootcamp session -  goes ahead on Wednesday July 27th at Swansea Prom, at 6pm, using the outdoor fitness equipment near the Civic Centre.

We also have Bokwa, Tai Chi and other sessions planned throughout August at Langland beach, Mumbles Pier and other popular outdoor areas, all led by our knowledgeable instructors.

LC General Manager, Nic Beggs, says: “Clearly we are always keen to help as many people as possible reach their fitness goals here at the LC and we hope our Summer of special activities will help set people on the right road.

“There is a lot of very interesting and credible research around the effectiveness of exercising outside and the added benefits this brings.

“Being out in nature can act as an added stress-buster when you are exercising, having great scenery to focus upon can help to keep you motivated – and of course there are so many opportunities to keep fit for free outdoors.

“With the weather finally taking a turn for the better in Swansea Bay our summer fitness promotion is an ideal way to kick-start your fitness routine and I hope as many people as possible join in with these enjoyable sessions.”

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Last week our very own Tommy the Turtle got to visit local schools teaching water safety, this is what Tommy had to say: 11266672 701318719977949 5508150086695614442 n

“I had such a blast visiting some of the cool dudes at some of Swanse’a local primary schools!! Although Scott & Jodie gave away all my haribo!!! But it is ok I got them back when I got them with my water gun! Right time to swim over to the board rider and surf some waves! See you there!”

Check out the video here.

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