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rock poundJoin us this Tuesday (17th January) in the Quadrant Shopping Centre and take part in some exciting FREE class demos with the LC Fitness team. We will be there from 10:30am-4:30pm offering a range of FREE classes, from Pilates to Bokwa, Rock Pound Out to Kettlebells, check out our full schedule here.

Come and see us and bring your kit for a range of FREE classes in this unique setting - there is a class for everyone.

We will also be giving you the chance to grab a FREE 3 day trial to the LC Fitness facilities and you can enter a competition to be in with a chance to win the new FitBit Charge 2.

See you all there...








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chris gymWe are delighted to welcome our new Health and Fitness Manager, Chris Jones, to the LC, as we look ahead to 2017.

With an enviable background in both fitness teaching and as a combat sports practitioner at pro Welsh level, Chris’ appointment sees us bring even more specialist skill and knowledge to our gym team.

Chris says: “I am really pleased to be leading the highly-regarded health and fitness team at the LC.

“For me, the joy of fitness is two-fold – it offers an instant, life-enhancing buzz since it makes you feel great as soon as you begin, but also it offers you the opportunity to work towards valuable long-term gains as well.”

“I am very well acquainted with the LC and with Bay Leisure as a group and I very much respect their ethos of fitness and wellbeing for everyone.

“The LC is, I think, unique in many ways in that it has a very strong team of specialists, many of whom have solid experience in professional sports, and who are passionate about their specialisms, but who are great communicators and are very good at unlocking the joy of exercise to people of all fitness levels.

Chris, who is also a professional boxing referee, will be known to many for his career in Welsh Combat Sports, both as a fighter, and latterly as a referee and judge with the British Boxing Board of Control.

But he has, in recent years, focussed hard on his studies – he comes to the LC from Gower College Swansea where he was the Leisure, Sport and Fitness Assessor and Tutor, helping other instructors and students achieve their qualifications.

At the moment he is studying for a MSc Masters in Sports Management and Leadership at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

Chris is also a Board member for CIMSPA Wales (Chartered Institute For The Management of Sport and Physical Activity), with the remit of Health and Fitness and Rising Talent, with the purpose to lead, support and empower professionals working in the sport and physical activity industry.

Nic Beggs, LC General Manager said: “We are delighted to welcome Chris to the LC fold.

“He brings a wealth of practical and professional experience with him and he has dedicated himself, over the past decade, to enhancing his sports and fitness education in a very meaningful way.

“His enthusiasm for fitness is infectious and I know he will be a real asset to the LC. His appointment is part of our continued commitment to providing the best quality service we can to the people of Swansea Bay and South West Wales.”

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It is well-known that regular running, brisk walking or other aerobic exercise helps to keep us healthy and happy well into our later years, but a ground-breaking new study indicates that regular weights or resistance work could actually help restructure our brains – effectively helping to age-proof our grey matter and ward off dementia.

301112 078The finding, published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society is causing a real stir among dementia experts and it is likely see many more older people taking up gym membership.

Like all of our organs the brain changes with time, shedding neurons and regularly repairing itself.

But the brain is vulnerable to the aging process and it can be left with lesions and shrinkage that affects our thought processes, memory and movement.

This recent studyenlisted a large group of healthy women aged 65 to 75 to carry out three supervised exercise programmes  - a program of light upper and lower-body weight training once a week, a similar programme twice a week, with another group carrying out a twice-weekly regime of balance training and stretching.

After a year the women who had concentrated on balance and flexibility showed a increase in their brain lesions and a slowing of their gait, as did the women who had trained with weights once a week.

Meanwhile, the findings for those who had lifted weights twice a week were remarkable. They showed far less shrinkage and damage to their brain than the other women and they also walked more smoothly than the women in the other two groups.

So, visiting the gym twice a week to take up a kettle bells class, to use our state-of-the-art resistance equipment, or to take up a weights regime could help keep your brain as well as your body in great condition. For beginners, why not try our Tuesday morning kettlebells class or our LC Gold Easyline?

Our expert gym team is on hand to help you with a tailored fitness plan. Why not give us a call on: 01792 466500 and make a start on age-proofing your brain?

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We were interested to hear the findings of a landmark study this month into the sources of lasting happiness – and of course maintaining physical and mental health, and good relationships, rather than wealth have been found to be the keys.

The findings don't come a surprise to us at the LC. We have been in the fitness and well-being business for long enough to see first-hand the very real links between fitness, health and happiness.

The results will make sense to those of us who found that the gathering of friends and family over Christmas for a brisk Boxing Day walk brought us more in-the-moment joy than our presents did.

If you are toying with the idea of making a new year’s resolution, is there a better achievement to aim for than resolving ‘to do something each week in 2017 that makes me happier’?

Setting achievable goals is the key to success in just about everything, and this goes for fitness and well-being too. So here are some simple LC top tips to help you make a success of your New Year’s Resolutions:

  • Plan your healthy breakfast the night before. This will help make sure you don't skip the most important meal of the day, it will help keep cravings at bay and it will keep your energy levels up until lunchtime.
  • Join a new fitness class with a friend. Trying something new will challenge you, and exercising with a friend will help to keep you motivated.
  • Make the most of your lunch breaks. Set aside at least two lunch breaks each week for brisk exercise – whether this is a gym session or a brisk walk.
  • Many of us fall into the trap of ‘playing’ negative messages about our body shape and our perceived flaws throughout the day. This can be a hard habit to break, but resolve to replace those negative messages with one positive one each week. For instance, ahead of any exercise session, congratulate yourself on making the time for your fitness regime. When you are planning a healthy evening meal, congratulate yourself on making healthy choices for you an your family. Gradually, this will help you ‘turn down the volume’ on any negative thoughts.
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cold winter for dry eyesDid you know: Muscle mass peaks at 30

Your physical strength is at its best around the age of 30 followed by a general decrease in muscle mass as you age (just more perks of getting older) however this can be countered by exercising your core properly each week.

Core stability/Spinal stability is not just having good abs when you take off your top, it’s having control of each of your vertebrae, your lumbar spine, pelvis and having whole body balance.

...... So don’t skip on your core exercises, you’ll regret it as the years go on!!

Health and fitness: Fight your cold this winter

Living in Swansea we are prone to rubbish weather on a daily basis, but during the winter months it’s even worse, so the chances of catching a cold is as likely to happen as Wales not Qualifying for the world cup. So help prevent your cold or reduce the length of your cold by 40% with a daily supplement intake of Zinc.

Nutrition Tip: Boost your Stamina

For all those enthusiastic about running 10k, half marathons, marathons, cycling or even participating in the brutal Spin class here at The LC we have a tip for you. Beetroot!!! This contains a large amount of Nitrate which relaxes the blood vessels allowing them to widen, increasing the volume of blood pumped through the blood vessels.  This will mean a greater amount of oxygen supplied to your muscles providing you with that extra burst of energy allowing you to work harder for longer!!

Exercise of the week: Overhead sit-up with rotation

This is a great exercise that targets your entire core, working your Abdominal, internal and external Obliques and your Transverse Abdominis.  It can be performed by sitting on the floor or to increase difficulty perform this exercise on a decline bench!

Endurance and tone: aim for high reps and light to no weight (20-30 reps/3 sets)

Strength and size: aim for low reps and heavy weight (12-15 reps/4 sets)

Give it a go, and let us know what you think!!!

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