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 WE ARE PROUD TO BE BACKING SWANSEA’S BID TO BECOME UK CITY OF CULTURE 2021 19554344 303320026796598 3229972618897542902 n

We are delighted to announce that we are backing the bid and supporting Swansea’s campaign to become UK City of Culture 2021.

Swansea is one of the five shortlisted cities for the UK City of Culture 2021 title, along with Coventry, Paisley, Sunderland and Stoke-on-Trent. If successful, it will bring significant social and economic benefits to Swansea and the region. The current UK City of Culture, Hull, is estimated to enjoy an economic boost of at least £60 million whilst already having seen a £1billion boost in investment since being announced the winner of the title. We want Swansea to enjoy the same benefits or greater!

The Swansea 2021 bid team includes Swansea Council, Welsh Government, Swansea University, University of Wales Trinity Saint David, Abertawe Bro Morgannwg Health Authority, Museums Wales, Tidal Lagoon, creative professionals, businesses and arts and cultural leaders. All are working together to ensure the outcomes in the Swansea bid for the Swansea people and economy are as strong as possible.

Leader of Swansea Council, Councillor Rob Stewart, said: “We are delighted to have the LC backing our bid for UK City of Culture 2021. We’re working hard to secure this status and its benefits for the city and region so having this type of support is vital.

“Winning UK City of Culture would be a fantastic opportunity for Swansea which would benefit everyone in the city. Hull’s UK City of Culture 2017 status has already seen a £1billion boost investment in the city – alongside pride, new jobs and improved reputation. This really does have the ability to transform Swansea forever.

“We need to show the judging panel that we need it, we want it and we can deliver it. Having the support of the city shows that, so we are urging everyone to get behind us by backing the bid.”

What is the UK City of Culture?

The UK City of Culture is a title given to a city for one year during which it creates a programme of local, national and international events which becomes a catalyst for investment, regeneration and economic growth.

The title, which is awarded once every four years, is administered and judged by the UK Government’s Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport. The inaugural holder was Derry-Londonderry in 2013, with Hull taking over the title this year. Both cities have reported significant social and economic benefits from holding the title. Winning UK City of Culture status could do wonders for Swansea’s economy, delivery a multi million pound boost for the city.

What do we get if we win?

Winning the UK City of Culture brings significant social and economic benefits.

To illustrate, Liverpool welcomed an extra 9.7 million visitors to their city during their European Capital of Culture year in 2008 – an increase of 35%. Derry-Londonderry, who took the first UK City of Culture title in 2013, reported that the accolade added £47 million to its coffers. Hull, the most recent UK City of Culture winner, is estimated to enjoy an economic boost of at least £60 million whilst already having seen a £1billion boost in investment since being announced the winner of the title in 2013

Of course, there are many other benefits to be gained by winning this title which are beyond financial dividends. The international and national exposure enjoyed by UK City of Culture winners, and the feelgood factor and sense of pride this fosters among the city inhabitants, is worth its weight in gold.

How you can back the bid

You can show your support by following #Swansea2021 on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and checking out www.swansea 2021.co.uk to find out other ways in which you can back the bid.

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lynetteMeet Lynette our new Studio Coordinator here at the LC.

Lynette studied dance at the University of Chester, and was the director of her own dance company BFAB Dance for three years. After that she moved on to Swansea Tennis Centre for a further three years and admits that she still can’t play tennis! Lynette them moved to Simly Gym and was a Duty Manager there for two years before moving to the LC.

“I’ll be your best friend on the dance floor and your nemesis on a netball court.” Lynette loves seeing the world, and recently travelled for seven months. “I am always looking for my next holiday!”

Some fun facts about Lynette

Nickname: Netty

Guilty Pleasure: McFly, Pugs and Cupcakes

Favourite fitness class: Circuit Max

Fun Fact: Once fell off an elephant in Thailand and had a bruise the shape of an elephant as a result of the fall..and a black eye!

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WG30148 YOL FB 1200px x 630px 3In 2017 Wales is celebrating its epic past, present and future. We’re bringing the past to life like never before, with attractions, events and activities at legendary locations across Wales. We’re also creating new Welsh legends, immersing visitors in our epic story, and making new legendary experiences. This is our Year of Legends.

Wales is an ancient landscape, with history and myth wherever you look. It’s a land of majestic mountains and mighty skies, fringed with an impressive coastline. But it’s also an epic land of thinking and high adventure. Everywhere you go, there are innovative ideas, in ancient places.

That’s why the world’s fastest zip wire now soars over an old slate quarry at Bethesda, and surfers ride perfect man-made waves down the Conwy Valley. It’s why forests are criss-crossed with mountain bike trails, and the Wales Coast Path runs the whole length of our coastline — the only path of its kind in the world.

Along the way, every cove and clifftop comes with legends of pirates and smugglers, wreckers and saints. We’ve got Roman harbours and Victorian piers, around 230 beaches, and 50 magical islands.

A fifth of the country is National Park. This epic landscape is scattered with standing stones and burial chambers, left there by our Prehistoric ancestors. Then there are our legendary castles: 641 of them, more per square mile than anywhere on Earth.

Our capital, Cardiff, is an exciting, young European city, with culture and creativity coursing through its vibrant streets, bars, museums, theatres and concert halls. It also boasts an energetic nightlife, great food and shopping, and a world-class sports arena: the Principality Stadium.

In June 2017 Cardiff hosted the world’s most watched annual sporting event, the UEFA Champions League Final. It’s just the latest in a series of global gatherings, like the Ryder Cup, NATO Summit and Rugby World Cup. Then there’s our regular crop of home-grown events, like the Hay Festival, Green Man, Festival No.6 and the National Eisteddfod.

You’ll see and hear the Welsh language wherever you go, a living link with the legendary King Arthur and our ancient Celtic ancestors. Above all, Wales is a great place to enjoy here and now. There’s great food and drink, unique places to stay, and a legendary welcome. This year we’re creating new legends. Want to come and find yours?

The LC is proud to be a part of the Year of Legends. Welcome to our Epic Land.

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ianHere at the LC our members have the benefit of our World Class Fitness Team who are on hand to devise personalised fitness programmes and continued support whenever they need it. Ian is one of our World Class Fitness team, this is his story:

'I am 51 years of age and have been with py partner Joanne for 32 years. We have 3 lovely children, Rhian is 28, Mikey is 25 and Laura is 23. My passion is Tottenham Hotspur , I had dreams of being a footballer and trained with Swansea City youth . Following this I thought of joining the RAF but chose catering college instead where I passed all my exams in catering and worked in the industry for 35 years. I have always enjoyed fitness from football to weight training and pursued this passion when I attended Carmarthen University in 2014 to complete a 3 year course in personal training, I came out of university with a diploma in PT and started working in the fitness industry at the age of 50. I joined the LC in 2016 as part of the gym team and enjoy every minute working with great people and brilliant members.'

Some fun facts about Ian:

Nickname: Fraynie

Favourite Workout: Anything back and abs

Guilty Pleasure: Redbull and sunbeds

Most likely to say: 'Spurs!

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MINDFULLNESSIt is easy to be little dismissive of new health or fitness trends, and Mindfulness Is certainly having its day in the spotlight.

Celebrities are endorsing it, glossy magazines are writing features about it, and we all know someone who practises it.

A form of daily meditation that encourages people to stay ‘in the moment’ rather than letting their mind wander to their pre-programmed negative messages, ingrained fears, and worries about what’s around the corner, Mindfulness seems deeply rooted in common sense.

If nothing else, training our minds to focus upon the task in hand or our surroundings at any given moment must be good for our powers of concentration, our mood and our anxiety levels.

And it is fascinating to see that some cardiologists are now prescribing Mindfulness  to help treat mild coronary heart disease, alongside the more common prescriptions of a good diet and exercise.

Of course Yoga and other reflective and relaxing forms of exercise and meditation can help to keep the mind focused on how you are breathing, what your body is doing, and what is going on around you – as can some other repetitive exercise programmes like jogging or cycling.

But Mindfulness, when taught by an expert, takes things that much further – and can really help you feel refreshed and recharged. Our instructor Julie is at the helm of our new LC Mindfuness sessions every Monday at 6.30pm and every Wednesday from 9.30am and they are already drawing a crowd. Why not come along and check them out for yourself?

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