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Next up for our Studio Coordinator Lynette to give us the low down on is Spin: 


Since the craze of spin kicked off I have oozed this anxiety of the thought of participating in a spin class of any level. I wanted to complete a class as I enjoy fitness especially classes…so why was this so different, what was stopping me? Was it hear say from fitter friends of how spin had broken them for days? I quite like the use of my legs and they are quite vital for day to day activities.

Anyway I stepped up, did it and survived, and am now thinking of my next class! The class was extremely well planned; the instructor informed me how to set up the bike in the correct position to get the most out of the class.

The instructor was very clear in explaining which gears and RPM to use; this made the class fly by as I was constantly engaged and distracted with my gears and monitoring my RMP. They consistently motivated the class ensuring I did not drop RPM, even if I didn’t reach the target set I still maintained my own maximum threshold.

Throughout the class the gears remained in the range set and I didn’t take the easy root and drop them down as I feel I wouldn’t be getting the most out of the class. Instead I push my RPM to the highest I could do and maintained if for the time period set.

So there are ways to still challenging yourself, no I didn’t use the highest range of gears offered for each section of the class I used the minimum, I tried to reach the RPM set but if not I went as hard and as fast as I could and maintained and I still had a fantastic workout burning over 500 calories in 45 minutes.


Check out our latest fitness timetable here to see when you can try out this great class.

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In the coming months our new studio coordinator Lynette is going to be giving us the lowdown on some of our fitness classes here at the LC - first up is Les Mills Body Pump:


I felt in my element attempting this class as I’d previously done a lot of weight training, but never in a class environment.

The class was well spaced and I was instructed on what range of equipment I’d need, in this case it was a mixture of light, medium and heavy weight for the bar but also a step, matt and a pair of light dumbbells. Throughout the class we would target a specific muscle group and work and develop that muscle until fatigued.

During a few muscle groups I felt I’d burnt out prior to the end of the targeted section of work and needed to drop the weight down and either finish the set on a lighter weight or my body weight.

The class flowed from larger muscle groups such as legs to chest, back, shoulders and arms. I felt it was a total body workout using a range of weights and body weight exercise. After each muscle group I felt fatigued in that area and was glad for the rest ready for the next muscle group.

The movements worked well with the selected exercises helping you move to the beat. The class also worked on timings of exercises working slowly and eccentrically to really feel the moves work, for e.g taking four counts to get down into a squat and the four counts to stand, or dropping for one count but four counts to stand again.

It may take a while to know which weight suits each muscle group, but there is nothing wrong with dropping weights down when you feel you’ve reached your limit.

This class really focuses on sculpting the muscle whilst providing strength.


Check out our latest fitness timetable here to see when you can try out this great class.

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 WE ARE PROUD TO BE BACKING SWANSEA’S BID TO BECOME UK CITY OF CULTURE 2021 19554344 303320026796598 3229972618897542902 n

We are delighted to announce that we are backing the bid and supporting Swansea’s campaign to become UK City of Culture 2021.

Swansea is one of the five shortlisted cities for the UK City of Culture 2021 title, along with Coventry, Paisley, Sunderland and Stoke-on-Trent. If successful, it will bring significant social and economic benefits to Swansea and the region. The current UK City of Culture, Hull, is estimated to enjoy an economic boost of at least £60 million whilst already having seen a £1billion boost in investment since being announced the winner of the title. We want Swansea to enjoy the same benefits or greater!

The Swansea 2021 bid team includes Swansea Council, Welsh Government, Swansea University, University of Wales Trinity Saint David, Abertawe Bro Morgannwg Health Authority, Museums Wales, Tidal Lagoon, creative professionals, businesses and arts and cultural leaders. All are working together to ensure the outcomes in the Swansea bid for the Swansea people and economy are as strong as possible.

Leader of Swansea Council, Councillor Rob Stewart, said: “We are delighted to have the LC backing our bid for UK City of Culture 2021. We’re working hard to secure this status and its benefits for the city and region so having this type of support is vital.

“Winning UK City of Culture would be a fantastic opportunity for Swansea which would benefit everyone in the city. Hull’s UK City of Culture 2017 status has already seen a £1billion boost investment in the city – alongside pride, new jobs and improved reputation. This really does have the ability to transform Swansea forever.

“We need to show the judging panel that we need it, we want it and we can deliver it. Having the support of the city shows that, so we are urging everyone to get behind us by backing the bid.”

What is the UK City of Culture?

The UK City of Culture is a title given to a city for one year during which it creates a programme of local, national and international events which becomes a catalyst for investment, regeneration and economic growth.

The title, which is awarded once every four years, is administered and judged by the UK Government’s Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport. The inaugural holder was Derry-Londonderry in 2013, with Hull taking over the title this year. Both cities have reported significant social and economic benefits from holding the title. Winning UK City of Culture status could do wonders for Swansea’s economy, delivery a multi million pound boost for the city.

What do we get if we win?

Winning the UK City of Culture brings significant social and economic benefits.

To illustrate, Liverpool welcomed an extra 9.7 million visitors to their city during their European Capital of Culture year in 2008 – an increase of 35%. Derry-Londonderry, who took the first UK City of Culture title in 2013, reported that the accolade added £47 million to its coffers. Hull, the most recent UK City of Culture winner, is estimated to enjoy an economic boost of at least £60 million whilst already having seen a £1billion boost in investment since being announced the winner of the title in 2013

Of course, there are many other benefits to be gained by winning this title which are beyond financial dividends. The international and national exposure enjoyed by UK City of Culture winners, and the feelgood factor and sense of pride this fosters among the city inhabitants, is worth its weight in gold.

How you can back the bid

You can show your support by following #Swansea2021 on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and checking out www.swansea 2021.co.uk to find out other ways in which you can back the bid.

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spin nat fit dayThe LC is flinging open its doors to provide free activities for everyone as part of National Fitness Day 2017 - the most active day of the year.

National Fitness Day on Wednesday 27th September will see a huge range of free events and taster sessions take place across the country and here at the LC is no exception. National Fitness Day sees the nation celebrate the fun and thrills of physical activity. Throughout the UK, more than 20,000 free events will take place in gyms, leisure centres, parks, high streets, schools, universities and workplaces as over one million people lace up their trainers and embrace being active for the day.

At the LC members and non-members alike will be able to take part in all the fitness classes and the gym for free. Call us on 01792 466500 to find out more.

For the latest updates on National Fitness Day follow @FitnessDayUK  and tweet on the day using the hashtag #FitnessDay

Steven Ward, CEO of National Fitness Day organiser ukactive said: “National Fitness Day is a fantastic chance to spotlight physical activity and the role it plays in creating a healthier nation. These free events across the country provide a chance for everyone to experience the fun of fitness and carry forward healthy habits. The day also offers a fantastic opportunity for the physical activity sector to unlock new markets and attract new members by promoting the broad benefits of movement to the length and breadth of the British nation.”

Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson, Chair of National Fitness Day organiser ukactive said: “National Fitness Day is a powerful tool to raise the profile of physical activity and the role it plays in increasing the health of our nation. By engaging people across the country we can help provide a pathway into continued involvement in physical activity.”

We know the benefits that regular exercise delivers include a healthier heart, increased wellbeing and a better quality of life. However, many of us find getting fit troubling, it becomes a challenge and it shouldn’t be – that is why National Fitness Day was started.


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lynetteMeet Lynette our new Studio Coordinator here at the LC.

Lynette studied dance at the University of Chester, and was the director of her own dance company BFAB Dance for three years. After that she moved on to Swansea Tennis Centre for a further three years and admits that she still can’t play tennis! Lynette them moved to Simly Gym and was a Duty Manager there for two years before moving to the LC.

“I’ll be your best friend on the dance floor and your nemesis on a netball court.” Lynette loves seeing the world, and recently travelled for seven months. “I am always looking for my next holiday!”

Some fun facts about Lynette

Nickname: Netty

Guilty Pleasure: McFly, Pugs and Cupcakes

Favourite fitness class: Circuit Max

Fun Fact: Once fell off an elephant in Thailand and had a bruise the shape of an elephant as a result of the fall..and a black eye!

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