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Is it true that some people naturally lose weight faster than others?     


Yes this is an unfortunate truth. Some people just have a faster metabolism, and burn calories more quickly. Age, gender and stress can also be contributing factors. In this busy world, stress plays a major role in body composition, and whether a person is a comfort eater or food avoider when stressed will determine their predisposition.

My advice would be to stay consistent with your exercise routine. Don’t be disheartened if the weight doesn’t come off as fast as you would like - the added benefits of exercising, such as increased cardiovascular capacity, toned muscles and overall health can be even more important than weight loss.

Exercise in hot weather

With the recent heatwave, lots of people have been taking to the great outdoors to make the most of the sunshine whilst exercising. I thoroughly enjoy going to the beach for a jog, as a refreshing change from the treadmill. But the risks of exercising in hot weather mustn’t be ignored. Here are my top tips for staying safe:

  • Stay hydrated – drink more water than you normally would, to ensure your body stays cool
  • Avoid midday sun – the hottest time of the day is between 12 and 2pm, avoid strenuous exercise during this time
  • Take it easy – don’t expect your body to give it’s best performance if you are used to working out in an air conditioned gym
  • Snack – ensure your body has enough energy to cope with the heat as well as the exercise. Stick to juicy snacks such as fruit for both energy and hydration
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Go Team LC!!

10599503 522479811186581 4747540813428981899 nToday was the day that Team LC took part in Battle of the Gyms for bragging rights over Simply Gym Gorseinon and Simply Gym Llansamlet.


The first challenge was a 10k treadmill run with our LC Cobra Running Club instructor Julie Wallis (centre)

heading the way. With a combined time of 3 hours 46 minutes and 9 seconds Team LC have laid the challenge down to the other gyms and we can't wait to hear their times!!


Well done Team LC.


Left to Right: Raul Reismann, Jonathan Beynon, Julie Wallis, Robin D'Arcy, James Holloway

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What is it?

Insanity® is a total body conditioning programme, which can see fantastic results if practiced regularly.  It’s Max Interval Training – by many accounts an improved version of high-intensity workouts.

What do you do?
•    You work out intensively for 3–5 minute blocks
•    Stop to catch you breath
•    Get straight back to it!
It's called Max Interval Training because it keeps your body working at the maximum capacity throughout the whole workout.

Is this not just regular Interval Training?

Traditional Interval Training Insanity® MAX Interval Training

Short bursts of high intensity cardio with breaks in between intervals

Longer high intensity bursts and shorter 30 second breaks between intervals

MAX Interval Training brings the heart rate up higher, for longer. If you’re dedicated, Insanity® can help maximise your workout and burn upwards of 1000 calories in one workout session alone - a spinning class burns just 331 calories in the same amount of time!
Insanity® pushes your body to its limit – your body will soon learn to adapt.  A 60 day programme has proven to make a huge difference.

Here’s an example of an Insanity® workout
Your instructor will take you through your paces in this equipment-free class which involves non-stop strenuous stamina training.
You’ll start with a fast paced warm-up before moving into three intense sets of work, each one targeting a different element of fitness.
You will work out at the very limits of your capability for 3-5 minute bursts of intense, exercises. You’ll have a rest for about 30 seconds and then you’ll do it all again!
Don’t be afraid if this all sounds a bit too much, our instructors can provide low-impact options for each section of the workout so that it suits any fitness level.

Shaun T, Creator of Insanity® says…
“Is Insanity® hard? Oh, yeah. It really IS the hardest workout ever…It's totally crazy...but it's going to get you crazy-good results”

Sign me up!
Luckily for you, the LC Swansea is running Insanity® classes from 16th July 2014. Take a look at the new timetable here and book onto your first Insanity® class by calling 01792 466500.
Go on, give yourself a 60 day challenge!

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Money Matters Event 12th August 11am-2pm                                      money matters
A fun day with a serious message is taking place at the LC as part of a drive during the summer holidays to help people in Swansea communities manage the hidden costs of summer and not get caught in the debt trap.Swansea Council is one of a whole range of groups who will be supporting the FREE FAMILY FUN DAY & MONEY MATTERS INFORMATION EVENT 
Children can enjoy activities such as Face painting, Balloon Modelling and Sports Activities provided by 360 with a chance to win a signed Swans Football; Two tickets to an Ospreys Match; and a Rugby Ball signed by the Ospreys Squad
Parents can find out more about balancing the budget with free advice and information stalls from: Communities First; Age Cymru, LASA Credit Union, City and County of Swansea, Passport to Leisure and the Benefit Take up Team, Designed to Smile, Care & Repair, Eastside Foodbank, Wales Co-operative; CAB; Dwr Cymru
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Deans Health and Fitness Blog dean

Health and Fitness is a hot topic of discussion at the moment so once a month our health and fitness manager Dean will be keeping us up to date with some great tips and also answering some key fitness related questions:


What is the one thing I should cut out of my diet?

Sugar! Whenever I speak to people who are trying to lose weight or change their lifestyle to become healthier, sugar is the one ingredient I recommend they reduce or remove from their diet (and most people don’t realise just how much they consume.)

Sugary food and drinks tend to be high in calories but contain no essential nutrients, and won’t fill you up. This is is why these foods and drinks contain what is known as “empty” calories. Because they won’t fill you, this makes it easy to over-consume them, and the excess calories can cause you to gain weight.

Sugar also suppresses the immune system, raises insulin levels and can cause obesity. Fill up on fresh fruit to get your sweet fix and save sugary foods for a treat.

I have heard there are ‘good fats’ and ‘bad fats’ – is this true?

Yes, it is true. There are two main types of fat; these are saturated and unsaturated. Unsaturated fat can be found in olive oil, avocados, oily fish and nuts. Despite falling into the ‘fat’ category, these foods are vital for a healthy diet as they help the body absorb certain nutrients, provide a source of both energy and essential fatty acids that the body can’t produce itself.

Saturated fat is found in many prepared foods and fast foods, fatty meats such as sausages, full-fat dairy products and lard. Good fats can help metabolise fat for energy whereas bad fats can clog arteries and cause cholesterol. High levels of cholesterol can increase your risk of heart disease, which includes heart attack, stroke and narrowed arteries. Try to ensure your diet stays balanced and avoid saturated fats where possible. Small changes such as leaving spread out of sandwiches and grilling rather than frying will help with this.

Should my children be exercising?

When most adults think about exercise, they think of working out in the gym, running or lifting weights, but for children, exercise can be playing games, riding bikes and running around outdoors.

Being physically active every day is important for the healthy growth and development of babies, toddlers and young children as well as adults. Physical activity will help children develop stronger muscles and bones, ward off obesity and decrease the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Besides enjoying the health benefits of regular exercise, active children also sleep better – a welcomed incentive for many parents! So this summer, encourage your children to stop watching TV or playing video games and go outside and play football or take a long stroll in the fresh air. The importance of an active lifestyle isn’t restricted by age.


Keep an eye out for Dean's next installment.


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