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What is interval training? dean

Interval training alternates between bursts of higher-intensity exercise and periods of less-intense exercise (or active rest). As your fitness levels increase, you decrease the "rest" time and increase the high-intensity exercise. If you train this way regularly, you'll see big fitness gains.

For example, if you currently run for 30 minutes at 6 mph, why not amend this slightly and try jogging for five minutes to warm up. Then, increase your speed to 7 mph for one to two minutes (less if you can't go that long). Then, jog for a few minutes at a slower speed, then again at the faster speed, and so on until you reach your time limit.

I would suggest interval training just once a week to begin, as it is more intense than you may be used to. Once you get a feel for it, you can build it into your ongoing fitness routine. It’s great for your overall fitness as well as for weight loss.

What precautions should seniors take into consideration when starting a new exercise program?

Age is never a barrier for exercise and we welcome people of all ages at the LC. However, as people get older, there are particular issues can become a problem. These can include mobility, weaknesses in body areas and tight spots.

Be aware of your limitations, for example arthritic knees would be a limitation, so distance running would not be as wise, however an exercise such as swimming has much less impact on the knees so makes it an ideal choice for seniors. Another issue to be aware of is low blood pressure, if this is the case, avoid any heavily cardiovascular exercise.

At the LC we have introduced the LC Gold, a programme full of activities designed specifically for the older adult. Call in for a timetable or check out our website for these specific classes.

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5k race

5k logo

LC Swansea Bay 5k 9th September 2014

Following the success of our spring series of races the LC are pleased to announce an Autumn 5k race. The 5K attracts all sorts from first time racers to seasoned veterans. Everyone is made to feel welcome, so there is no excuse not to come and join us. If you're looking to get started then don't worry the course is flat and fast.

Starting from the Junction Cafe Bar at the Blcakpill Lido registration starts from 5pm with the race starting at 7pm. This is an official Welsh Athletics 5k courses and also electronic chip timed with numerous prizes for men's, women's, veterans, seniors and largest club.There will also be a free food and drink voucher for each runner.

Pre-entry is £5 to all affiliated and LC members and £7 to all unaffiliated runners with entry on the night itself costing £8. 





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Shape Up PlanThe LC Shape Up Plan is a unique programme offered to all our members who are looking to shape up, lose weight and feel great. With nutritional advice, support and tailored fitness porgrammes our shape up 

team are dedicated to impact our members lives positively.

Each month we will be recognising the member who has made the most progress adn shown the best attitude to achieving their goals.

August Shape Up member of the Month


Telsa Christina Gwynne

Start weight - 02-06-14

Current weight - 04-08-14

Total weight loss 6kgs


How has the Shape Up Plan helped you?

Joining the shape up plan has helped me stick to a plan of healthier eating and exercise. It has encouraged me to try more classes with the convenience of working around me for my weigh-ins.

After a very difficult year and losing nearly a stone i now feel I am in control as opposed to things being in control of me. I am now looking forward to going on holiday and being active.

However as soon as I come back I will definately be continuing with the Shape Up Plan.

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What is BMI and why is it useful? dean

The body mass index (BMI) is a simple ‘healthy weight’ calculator, for men and women to estimate body fat based on their height and weight. Using this index, it is possible to give you a guide for your healthy weight range.

BMI is calculated as an individual's body mass divided by the square of their height. There are a number of online BMI calculators including the NHS website. It’s a good way to set yourself a healthy goal and ensure you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

One of the limitations of BMI is that it can over-predict overweight or obesity in people who are lean and muscular. It is important to know that people who are classified as overweight or obese can still be healthy as long as they are fit.

Is stretching really that important?

Between work, weekends with the family as well as countless other commitments, it’s safe to say most people haven’t got as much time spare as they would like or need to hit the gym – so why spend that precious time stretching?

My advice would be not to underestimate the importance of stretching following your gym routine, whatever that includes. Stretching increases flexibility, aids circulation and strengthens your muscles, as well as helping your body cool down after a strenuous routine. The increased range of motion will also benefit your exercising potential moving forward.
Remember not to over-stretch cold muscles; it could lead to muscle pulls and tears so ensure your body is warmed up before trying anything too difficult.

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raft raceOn Sunday 10th August a team of our intrepid LC lifeguards took on the famous Mumbles Raft Race.


They did all of us at the LC proud by not sinking and raised money for the RNLI along the way.


Well done Tommy's Rescue.


Left-right: Jake Plumley, Adam Cottam, Joe Tingle, Richard Brain, Alex Greenslade, Rhys Kilbuern, Jodie Johnstone



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