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From NZ to the LC – The Les Mills Fitness Revolution Gets Swansea Moving

“It is contagious. It has an atmosphere like no other fitness class. It gets results fast.”  les mills logo

Devotees of Bodycombat and Bodyattack will understand the effusive tone in Jaynaya Boyle’s description of the Les Mills fitness method.

It is a revolution in choreographed movement that has reached just about every corner of the globe since the New Zealand Olympian started serving up high intensity group workouts in the 1960s - and Swansea’s LC is now one of the few leisure and fitness centres to offer its exacting classes in South West Wales.

Les Mills Bodyattack and Bodycombat classes have now been added to the LC’s packed programme of classes and fitness.

Janaya says: “Once word gets out about Les Mills classes, people flock to them because they aren’t like any other fitness classes. They are very well choreographed, the music is exciting, and so much scientific research goes into the routines – focusing on high reps using low weights -  that they are  very effective.

The ethos behind Les Mills Body series is that you can clock on at a class anywhere from LA to the LC and you will get the Les Mills experience to a tee – the routines, music and attitude is replicated all across the vast Les Mills network.

That’s not to say it is predictable, says Jaynaya: “Every three months the Les Mills routine are refreshed and updated so it keeps everyone - the instructors and the client - interested and engaged.”

LC General Manager Emma Allchurch said: “Here at the LC we are always looking for ways to expand and to improve what we offer to the people of South Wales and we are delighted to be able to team up with Les Mills International to offer these very popular Bodycombat and Bodyattack classes. I’m looking forward to welcoming our customers to their free Les Mills session. I’m sure it will be the start of a long term love affair for many!”


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sfOn March 1st HMT Sancta Maria will be bringing professional bike riders to Swansea, join them on a lesuirely 40km bike ride and take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity.

This is a FREE event which starts from the LC and all abilities are welcome making this an ideal opportunity for a family bike ready.

Even better is that if you take part in the bike ride you will get 241 entry into our Waterpark and post-ride team coffee and welshcakes.

For more information please contact admin@sanctamaria.co.uk or check out their event page here.


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This half term sees Welsh Wrestling return to the LC for their tenth anniversary tour. On Saturday 21st February we are pleased to host this high energy, fun for all ages event. Tickets are available to buy from the LC or on the night with doors opening at 6:30pm.

For more information call us on 01792 466500 or check out www.welshwrestling.com



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les mills logo

The LC are pleased to announce that we have upgraded our exisiting fitness class timetable to include the world renowned Les Mills classes Bodyattack and Bodycombat



Les Mills perfectly sits amongst our exisiting class timetable and shares the same ethos as the LC which is to try and make people fall in love with fitnessIt is the leading brand in group fitness with classes which are both accessible and addictive,  combining great music and movement.



BODYCOMBAT is a fiercely energetic martial arts inspired non-contact workout where you will learn how to punch, kick and strike. Find out more about Bodycombat here.

BODYATTACK is a high energy class suitable for all abilities which combines athletic movements like running with strength exercises such as squats. Find out more about Bodyattack here.

Join us for a launch event on March 1st @ 11am for two hours of high octane fitness fun - call us on 01792 466500 for more information.

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Dean starts the New Year by answering some key questions..

The scales aren’t being kind to me this month and I’m struggling to find the motivation to get back to the gym. Please help?

Even the most dedicated of us relax our health and fitness regimes over Christmas and the New Year. And why not? It is a time for enjoyment and relaxation. Don’t beat yourself up about it. Just remember, your health and fitness are entirely in your hands and under your control.

Making that first trip back to the gym after a long break can be tough, but the great thing about exercise is that it rewards you immediately with those energising endorphins, so once you make the first move you’re already on your way.

To help you get your old enthusiasm back, shake up your fitness routine. Try equipment you have avoided before. Join a class that takes you out of your comfort zone, or set new time and distance targets on the machines. Reward yourself for reaching your targets too – perhaps with cinema tickets or an hour of me-time.

If you are struggling to shift pounds, remember the LC’s Shape Up Plan is a carefully designed regime of nutritional advice, exercise, weekly weigh-ins and body fat assessments that will help you get on track, and it is free as part of your membership. 


My daughter is in her early teens and she is conscious about her body shape. I want to help her with her fitness but I don’t want to make her anxious about it. What do you recommend?

This is a situation many parents will recognise and it can be tricky to negotiate.

You are right to approach this with caution, but if you can help her think positively about fitness now, when she is young, you will be giving her a gift that should last a lifetime.

Firstly, if you can find an activity or two that she loves and that makes her smile then she will be exercising without realising it. That’s a major first step. Does she dance around or do Karaoke when she is with her friends? Then perhaps organise Wii parties for them.

If she likes swimming, walking the dog, or bowling, make those things regular fun, family-time sessions. When you have your mum-and-daughter chats, resolve to do them outside, while walking around the block. Small steps lead to good, long-term habits. 

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