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30 Day Clean Eating Challenge



Monday 18th May marks the start of our ‘30 Day Clean Eating Challenge’. The aim of this challenge is to promote a healthier and more nutrient dense diet, drawing on the diet of cavemen as inspiration. Therefore, anything you can catch, pick or grow yourself is good daily fuel. Rather than relying heavily on carbohydrate as an energy source, a ‘clean’ diet uses predominantly fats for energy. This means you’ll feel more energised throughout the day rather than having peaks and troughs. 

We’ve had loads of interest in our challenge from members and staff alike! So we’re all in this together. I am going to be posting regular blog updates of myprogress and how the Gym Team are getting on. 


What can I eat? paleodietb-579x421

Clean eating is not restrictive; there are many things you can eat. Fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, eggs, nuts and seeds are all brilliant fuel sources you can eat during the 30 days. These are all foods that help build and repair muscle and provide vitamins and minerals that are proven to decrease the likelihood of developing degenerative diseases. Simple meals such as chicken salads and homemade beef casseroles are perfect clean eating meals.

What can’t I eat?

Firstly, cavemen would not have had the tools to process foods. Therefore, anything man-made or refined cannot be clean. Secondly, clean eating is all about nutrient dense foods so simple carbohydrates like white potatoes (which release energy a lot faster than sweet potatoes) are not deemed clean. Legumes (peanuts, beans, peas) are also not allowed when eating clean due to their phytic acid content. This acid prevents their nutrients being absorbed efficiently by the body. Finally, cavemen would not have had access to cereal grains or dairy products.


If you’re stuck for ideas for replacements for the above foods - check our notice board outside the spin room for weekly updates or check out our pinterest board

Please keep us updated with how your getting on by tweeting us, facebooking us or popping in to the gym! 

We can’t wait to see your before and after photos… 

It’s only 30 days - we’ve got this!