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Clean Eating Challenge - Week 3


download 1We’re over half way through the 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge at the LC and everyone seems to have found their feet with it. People have now fallen into a routine of organising their food and having set meals which they go to in a hurry. Planning in advance has proved to be a key part of eating clean as prepping foods really cuts down at meal times. The weekends are definitely the hardest time to resist those foods you have to avoid however, having found some clean treats (check the display board outside the spin room) I’m finding them much easier. With a little research, there’s a healthy option for nearly every meal and it’s been really enjoyable cooking them.

tumblr m9ee0biv2E1qdei8mI’ve been hearing some really good feedback from those participating. Those who are doing it for weight loss purposes have seen results so far which is amazing! I’m doing it for other reasons, mainly to see what I feel like while avoiding foods lacking in nutrients. While I thought I’d miss dairy, the almond/coconut milk alternative is great and I haven’t really thought about regular milk. Small pieces of dark chocolate have been satisfying my sweet tooth as well. The only part of this challenge I’ve started to really struggle with is breakfast as I’m finding it really time consuming (I need to be more organised!) especially when I need to be in work at 6am. Heading in to the final full week, I’m going to try and prep some yummy breakfasts the night before.

Keep up the positive feedback and keep facebooking and tweeting us your thoughts!!!