What Makes You Move?

10 Jan 2012

However we try to look at it January is a time for new beginnings and fresh starts. Whether it is going the whole way and committing to get fit, eating healthier and drinking more water or just trying to improve on the little things like washing up straight after dinner, putting the BALANCE_O_04_logoclothes away or simply having a more positive outlook on life.

This time of year newspapers, magazines and TV shows are littered with articles offering the top ten ways to become a new person- but is there any point to spending January committing to severe regimes and strict behaviour only to be driven crazy by then end of the month because of all the denial?

Believe it or not there is a way to make these commitments more than just goals. This year instead of poweringFUN into those New Year’s resolution that will be a distant memory by February why not take some time out to think about what you really want to achieve this New Year. It may be that you can show yourself off or to feel less stressed, maybe you need a challenge. For others it will be to have more energy and to be happy, or it may simply be to give yourself a great boost of self confidence. These things are more than goals, they are aspirations and they are unique and personal to you.

MOVE_O_03_logoAt this point I’m sure many of you are thinking that you want a bit of all those things, but everyone’s motivations contain different mixtures of these things and these individual aspirations can really affect what gets you moving and actually sticking to those resolutions. Once you’ve worked out what your long term aspirations are it is far easier to find ways of fulfilling them and setting goals that have far more of a point to them.

If you are curious to find out what makes you move give the The LC Gym Swansea’s Aspiration Finder a go.POWER_O_04_logo It’s a simple online questionnaire that will take you just three minutes. You will receive your own Aspiration Map showing what makes you move. Once you have completed it our gym team will be notified of your results so that when you book in for your induction or review we can ensure that we create SHAPE_O_05_logoa programme for you that really will help to fulfil your aspirations. Our expert team will guide you through your new programme and they will be able to explain to you exactly how the equipment you use and the exercises you undertake match your aspirations and motivate you to keep moving.

The Aspiration Finder is free for anyone to have a go with whether you’re an LC member of not, so go on, challenge yourself to think more about your fresh start and find out what makes you move and find your own way to wellness.


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