Peak Physique!

17 Oct 2011

With over 110 fitness classes a week, the LC is more than just a gym! Over the next few weeks our new studio coordinator Lisa and the LC fitness instructors will be introducing you to the classes on your timetable:

"Peak Physique is a conditioning class which improves muscular endurance, both toning and shaping the whole body fast! This is done by targeting every muscle group with low weight high repetition exercises to music. Our instructors guide you through the class providing motivation and encouragement to help you achieve the best results from your workout. This is a fun group exercise experience, which can leave you feeling in top form, mentally and physically.
This class is suitable for all fitness levels, it’s your workout, so feel free to work at your own level. Our instructors will be happy to show you what equipment you will need and how to use it. Its always a good idea to start light and build up slowly, even if you have used weights before, this will allow your body to adjust to the new demands of this workout.
Its lots of fun and a great way to challenge yourself and compliment any other training you are taking part in, so we look forward to having you join us in Peak Physique soon!"


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